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Tales of a #FanGirl: Sherway Gardens

January 29, 2012

Some people talk about their kids. Others, their hobbies. Shopaholics talk about shopping malls. Of course.

My love affair with Sherway Gardens¬†supersedes¬†every relationship I’ve had in my life in terms of longevity and lust. (Well, perhaps my parents could be up there with the whole longevity thing… but Sherway Gardens is a very close second.)

It all began in April, 1978. I was born at the Queensway General Hospital (now known as Trillium Health Centre) which gosh darn it, happens to be RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from Sherway Gardens. You know how some infants turn towards the light? Or the sound of mommy’s voice? It’s a well documented fact that I turned towards the mall.

Years later, even after my family moved from Etobicoke to Mississauga, I still remember making the trek to “Simpsons” and “Eatons”. This was, of course, pre-Square One (gasp!) so driving 25 minutes to the nearest mall did not seem out of the ordinary. Of course, after being treated to Square One, which was literally around the corner from my childhood home, I began to forget about Sherway Gardens; opting instead to hang out at Mississauga’s destination for mallrats which was conveniently only a 5-minute bus ride away. (more…)

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