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It’s Tradition! Celebrate the Toronto Blue Jays with Schneiders

March 25, 2017

Note: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only.

With mere days to go until the start of the Toronto Blue Jays 2017 season, I know so many of my friends and family are gearing up for another Championship race.

Rooting for Canada’s team? It’s tradition.

This year, we’ll once again be hosting a home opener party, and I’ve grabbed tickets for a few games too! My husband and I love reinforcing our love for the game with our sons, and our hope is that they’ll also become baseball-obsessed as they grow. Hey, what can I say? It’s more fun when everyone’s rooting for the home team.

Of course, if there’s one brand that’s steeped in tradition, it’s Schneiders. From Juicy Jumbos Wieners (my fave!) to everyone’s favourite, Schneiders Country Naturals Bacon, the possibilities for delicious crowd pleasers are endless.
14032940_292587061110042_193811059_nSchneiders wieners are once again the Official Hot Dog of the Toronto Blue Jays! And to celebrate the Jays, baseball, and – of course – traditions, they’re offering my readers the chance to win $100 in free product coupons.  (more…)

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Hot Diggity Dog! Fun in a Bun with Lunchmate Hot Dogs

August 23, 2016

*Note: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only.*

The thing about Schneiders Hot Dogs – the Official Hot Dog of the Toronto Blue Jays – is that they’re really, really, good.

Like, obsessively delicious. If you’ve ever been to a Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre and enjoyed a Juicy Jumbo (it’s pretty much a rite of passage), just one bite and you’ll agree – they’re the most. perfect. dog.
Juicy Jumbos L2LThe best part? You can enjoy them at home. It’s true! You’ll find the very same Juicy Jumbos at your local supermarket, so whether you’re throwing a game day party (see picture above! more on that later) or simply enjoying lunch with the family, Schneiders hot dogs and sausages are always universally loved.  (more…)

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Today’s Post is Brought to You by the Number 28

May 17, 2016

Twenty-Eight. Vingt-Huit. Veintiocho. No matter how you say or spell it, it’s a beautiful number.

It’s the number of lunches I have left to make in the 2015-2016 school year. It’s the number of times I’ll hover over the kitchen counter, cutting a red apple for the kid who doesn’t like green grapes and peeling an orange for the kid who doesn’t like brown pears (this makes more sense if I draw you a directional diagram). It’s the number of times I’ll hear sounds of protest from both kids as I pack what I thought was their favourite food… only to find out it was their favourite food *last week*.

I’m done.

Thankfully, I have two saving graces. The first is the fact that the end of the school year is around the corner. The second is Schneiders Simply Lunch.
DSC_0368aNow you may not have pegged me for a lunch kit kind of mom. Truthfully, even I didn’t know I was a lunch kit kind of mom, until I was recently introduced to NEW Schneiders Simply Lunch.  (more…)

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Start Enjoying The Great Indoors!

February 20, 2016

Ah, Canadian winter. (Cold, Canadian winter.) As the snow falls lightly to the ground and the landscape turns into a picturesque…

Oh, stuff it. If you need me, I’ll be indoors.

Celebrate #TheGreatIndoors with @Schneiders, @MapleLeafFoods and @MapleLeafPrime and have a chance to TWEET LIVE with Kevin Pillar (@KPILLAR4) of the Toronto Blue Jays! Join our Twitter Party on Tuesday, February 23rd at 8:00PM EST. There is no RSVP; simply join the conversation, tag your tweets with #TheGreatOutdoors and tweet to win.
KP Twitter Party (2)Psst… See that little shopping bag with oh, “$5,000 in Prizes” noted? Heck yeah! We know Maple Leaf Foods Twitter Parties are all about delicious food, helpful tips and recipe inspiration – okay, we know they’re about prizes too! And this time, many attendees will walk away with awesome swag.

Would you rather take the game inside, too? Don’t worry, Appehtite has you covered. Introducing the The Great Indoors Playbook; here, you’ll find fun indoor versions of your favourite outdoor activities, plus delicious recipes that you can snack on while you play.  (more…)

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Get Ready for the Big Game with #GameDayFood!

January 24, 2015

My husband loves the Super Bowl. I love Super Bowl food.

Cheesy Bacon Tater Bites. Double Nugget Sliders. Sausage and Pepper Mini Grilled Cheese. Sweet Chili Chicken Wonton Nachos. ALL of these mouthwatering game day recipes can be found on Appehtite.ca, including more easy-to-make, crowd pleasing favourites. From classics like Buffalo Wings to new and exciting twists like Spicy Sweet Potato Chicken Poutine, your Super Bowl party will be the place to be on Sunday night.

This year, Maple Leaf Prime and Schneiders have paired  with Frank’s RedHot. The recipes are guaranteed to get your taste buds doing their own touchdown dance! And no matter what team you’re rooting for, great appetizers are something we can all get behind cheering for.

Of course, what better way to celebrate than a pre-Super Bowl #GameDayFood Twitter Party! Join @MapleLeafPrime and @Schneiders, with special guest @FranksRedHot, as we share all the best game day appetizers and munchies.
#GameDayFood Twitter Party (2)Now, wondering who will be taking charge of the @FranksRedHot Twitter handle? None other than the charming, little old lady you’ve come to love from their hilarious commercials! (You know, the one who puts that sh*t on everything.) She’ll be sure to provide the half-time entertainment for our party!

Of course, *you know* we’ll have some amazing prizes up for grabs, including 9 prize packs featuring a stainless steel cooler with Maple Leaf Prime and Franks RedHot products, valued at $200 each. But our pièce de resistance? Our GRAND PRIZE: a Smart LED TV with sound bar, valued at $1500! Yes, one lucky participant will have the most epic Super Bowl party, ever.  (more…)

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Grab A Taste Of The Big Leagues

August 4, 2014

It was a day like any other day, when two little league teams in urban Ontario arrived for what they thought would be a routine evening baseball game. On the field: the Scarborough Stingers vs. the North York Blues.

Little did they know this would be the most memorable game of their lives – “A Taste of the Big League”.

In celebration of Baseball Day in Canada on August 10, Schneiders employees, in partnership with the Toronto Blue Jays, surprised the Scarborough Stingers and North York Blues with a once-in-a-life time “big league” experience – upgrading their baseball diamond, inviting Ace the Blue Jays Mascot, play-by-play announcers, and bringing scores of fans, Schneiders volunteers, hot dogs and sausages to make the little league game larger than life.

Says Cam, a 9-year old player with the Scarborough Stingers: “Mommy, do you think that is what the Blue Jays players feel like? I mean, everyone cheering for you and wanting you to do well? It makes you feel like a hero, and like you want to try with your whole heart to do well, even though you know you may not win. That was the best sports experience of my life. My whole team felt special.”

Be still my heart! Is that not the most enduring quote ever? “You want to try with your whole heart to do well” – I feel like this saying belongs in a Disney movie. Truly, such a wonderful experience for all the lucky players.

Schneiders, you done me proud. Not only are Schneiders Country Naturals Jumbo Beef Wieners the yummiest way to light up a barbecue; Schneiders also happens to be the official hot dog of the Toronto Blue Jays! Now THAT’s when you know your product is a home run.

So… do you love the video as much as I do? Thanks Schneiders!

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Grab a Taste of the Big League! #Giveaway

April 4, 2014

Note: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only.

Take me out to the ball game… Take me out with the crowd!
Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks… I don’t care if I never get back!

Yes folks, the boys of summer are back! It is officially Opening Weekend for the Toronto Blue Jays – Canada’s favourite (okay, Canada’s only) major league baseball team. After a long, cold winter, it’s a treat to welcome the sights and sounds of the ballpark – the buzz of the crowd, the snap of a baseball bat, and my favourite, the call of the hot dog vendor! Hot Dogs! Sausages! Get ’em while they’re hot!

Sigh. Can’t you just taste it? A plump, juicy hot dog on a soft, fresh baked bun. It is summertime perfection! And in the spirit of things that go great together, I’m pleased to announce that once again, Schneiders is the official hot dog – and Villaggio is the official sausage bun – of the Toronto Blue Jays!

And now, you can grab a taste of the big league at home! Recreate the iconic taste of the ballpark with Schneiders Country Naturals Jumbo Beef Wieners. They’re made with beef raised without antibiotics and crafted with only authentic, wholesome ingredients so you and your family can experience meat the way it’s supposed to taste – free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. Then, wrap it in a Villaggio Italian Style Sausage Bun for the ultimate fan experience. Now that’s a home run!

So, will you be cheering on the Toronto Blue Jays this Opening Weekend? Show your team spirit by supporting the boys in blue… and entering to win a fabulous prize pack!

Courtesy of our friends at Schneiders and Villaggio, I’ve got $100 worth of FREE product coupons up for grabs! So, whether you’re at the ballpark or in your backyard, you can enjoy the most epic Country Naturals Hot Dog or Grill’ems Sausage on us.  (more…)

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Because I Know You #LoveLunch…

September 13, 2013

I was going to start this post by chatting about how much I enjoy a good luncheon sandwich. Turkey on whole wheat; ham on whole grains. Even bologna. Yes – I do love bologna. And with Schneiders Country Naturals, I know I can enjoy a great sandwich with the full flavour of pure and natural ingredients without anything else to get in the way.

But then my eyes zeroed in on the grand prize for the Schneiders #LoveLunch Twitter Party… Free Lunch for a Year!!!

You guessed it – enough Schneiders free product coupons to have you set for 52 weeks. Can I get a Huzzah?! And I rationalized that whatever else I say will pale in comparison to the fact that one lucky winner will receive free lunch for a year. Hence, no matter what I write from here on in, it’ll read like Schneiders free lunch for a year Schneiders free lunch for a year Schneiders free lunch for a year Schneiders free lunch for a year.

(See? There’s no point in even continuing.)

Therefore, I’ll stop. Join us for the Schneiders #LoveLunch Twitter Party on Tuesday, September 17th at 9pm ET.

For your chance to win, RSVP below. Looking forward to partying with you! (more…)

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It’s a #BBQTraditions Twitter Party!

June 21, 2013

Friends, it’s time for me to ante up.

I know y’all have enjoyed my #ProjectPatio reveal, and have been so kind to leave encouraging, happy comments on the post. However, I also know that it’s incredibly selfish of me to wave a brand new Weber Genesis S-330 Gas Grill in front of your eyes… and not share the good fortune.

You DO know where this is going, don’t you?

Well, it just so happens that my good friends at Schneiders (aka The Barbecue GODS) don’t believe that any Canadian should be without a kick-ass grill, especially since they make such delicious foods as Country Naturals Hot Dogs and Grill ‘Ems Sausages. (In fact, the Grill ‘Ems Oktoberfest Sausage is both my boys’ favourite food EVER. Yum yum yum!)

So obviously, they just had to offer Canadians a chance to win a Weber Genesis S-330 Propane Gas Grill, valued at $1199.00!

Tweet with @Schneiders, me (@Listen2Lena), and fellow twitter party moderators @MommyMomentBlog and @OurFamilyWorld as we chat about your favourite grilling traditions – just in time for the Canada Day long weekend. In addition to the Weber Genesis S-330 Grill, we’ll also be giving away hundreds of dollars in coupons. You won’t want to miss it! (more…)

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It’s a Schneiders #BBQTraditions Twitter Party!

July 21, 2012

Whether you’re a BBQ Master or a novice griller, summer is the perfect time get together with family and friends to Feed Your Traditions. My family has exactly one tradition – passed on from generation to generation – and that is: The women prep and the men cook.

(Honestly, I am okay with this. I actually have little interest in standing next to open flames in the middle of a heat wave, thank you. Would MUCH rather observe as I chop veggies from my nice, air conditioned kitchen.)

Do you have summertime traditions? Betcha one or two of them involve grilling your favourite meats and veggies from time-honoured family recipes. Chicken Souvlaki. Piri Piri Drumsticks. Korean Short Ribs. Hot Sicilian Sausage. Grandpa’s Famous Ribs. And of course, a guaranteed people pleaser: Hot Dogs!

Care to share some of your own memories? Or perhaps you’re looking for BBQ tips and tricks to elevate you to grilling guru. Join @Schneiders for a #BBQTraditions Twitter Party next Tuesday, July 31st at 8pm EST. We’ll be joined by BBQ Master Extraordinaire Ted Reader, who’ll be ready to dish out advice and answer your – pun intended – BURNING questions!


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