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5 Steps to the Perfect #PizzaNight!

February 9, 2017

Tell me, when was the last time you celebrated… pizza night?
_DSC1088I know, I know. The script usually looks like this:

OMG I’m working late and junior has hockey practice… let’s make it a pizza night.
We have no food! We need to do a grocery run – but not tonight. Let’s do pizza.
I literally CAN’T. Too tired. Won’t cook. Pizza night it is.

See? Pizza is normally treated like a second-class citizen; universally relied on for its deliciousness, broad appeal and affordability… yet never fully given the appreciation it deserves.  (more…)

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Delissio Vintage Pizzeria: Official Pizza of Pizza Night

June 9, 2014

Note: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only.

It’s no secret. We go through a lot of frozen pizza chez Lena. And can you blame me? I’ve got two boys (and a husband) with hollow legs, limited time to put together snacks fulfilling enough to keep their hunger at bay, and a swanky new pizza maker that cuts down on baking time.

In fact, you could say we’re frozen pizza connoisseurs. 

We know what we like. A thin, crispy crust; rich, flavourful tomato sauce; crisp and tasty toppings. And to top it all off, the perfect ratio of bread:cheese. I thought I had zeroed in on the boys’ favourites, allowing them to indulge on a regular basis, until we discovered Delissio’s NEW Vintage Pizzeria.

Delissio’s NEW Vintage Pizzeria is the official pizza of #PizzaNight! This new great-tasting line is inspired by the traditions of authentic pizzerias with the crust drizzled with olive oil and free of artificial flavours. The four Delissio’s Vintage Pizzeria varieties (Pepperoni, 4 Cheese, 3 Meat and Deluxe) will satisfy the entire family.

DelissioWE LOVE IT. It’s everything we look for a pizza, and more! Super deliciousness packed into every bite. Now normally, I’m not a crust person – tossing them to Ryder to finish off. But Vintage Pizzeria are infused with the fruitiest of olive oils, making them soft, scrumptious and incredibly flavourful. THIS is the frozen pizza we’ve been waiting for!

Want to make Delissio’s NEW Vintage Pizzeria the official pizza of YOUR #PizzaNight? Enter to win a Pizza Night Prize Pack, which includes coupons for Delissio pizza as well as a pizza cutter, pizza pan, napkins and a great board game – everything you need to have a fun pizza night with the entire family! (Total value$100.)  (more…)

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