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Stay Safe, Friends: Winter Driving Tips from Michelin Canada

February 6, 2017

You know how some memories from your childhood just stick with you? I was 11 years old, in grade five. We had just returned from Christmas break and a fellow classmate, Tommy something-or-the-other, was recounting a horrifying ordeal while vacationing in Florida.

“It SNOWED!” he said in disbelief. “And there were accidents EVERYWHERE because my dad said that no one in Florida knows how to drive in the snow! We were stuck on the Interstate for SIX hours!”

At the time, I recall being quite pleased – I loathed Tommy and was secretly happy that his vacation was at least partially ruined by Mother Nature. Of course, at 11 years old, I couldn’t process that the numerous accidents could have resulted in injuries, extra costs in time and insurance, or both. But one thing did stick with me, even after more than two decades: If you don’t know how to drive in winter road conditions, you’re in trouble.

Today, I’m pleased to share some winter driving tips from Michelin driving expert, Carl Nadeau, to help you stay safe on roads this season.  (more…)

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Stay Safe: A Road Safety Reminder

July 9, 2013

Ah… electricity. How I take you for granted! But after being one of the hundreds of thousands of Torontonians without power last night – over 800,000 homes in the western suburbs and 300,000 homes in the core were blacked out for 6+ hours – let’s just say that the warm, radiating glow from my computer screen has never felt more welcome.

(Adding insult to injury? We had just completed an epic grocery run and finished stocking the fridge and freezer when the power went out. Thank goodness it was only 6 hours, or $200 worth of groceries would have gone down the drain!)

Of course, the horrific pictures from last night’s catastrophe “flooded” my Facebook feed and inbox this morning (honestly, no pun intended) –


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