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August 10, 2009

Thanks to everyone who entered the MASHALA BABY ORGANICS CONTEST. Can I get a Woot! Woot! for quality, organic, Canadian products!

In addition to trying out products in-home, baby massage courses and workshops may be offered through continuing education programs or family resources centres (massage therapy programs for babies with special needs are sometimes available through hospitals or infant stimulation programs). If you’re in the Toronto area, and would like to know more about baby massage services, visit http://www.trimesters.on.ca/, or call your local hospital or parenting centre.

As a reminder, up for grabs is an ORGANIC START baby massage oil set, which includes DAILY, NEWBORN, CALM & COMFORT and GENTLE VAPOR oil blends.

Drum roll please… The winner is KimRaposo! Congratulations!

Please send me an e-mail with your full name and contact details, so that I can have the prize sent to you right away. Thanks again to everyone who participated, and to MASHALA BABY ORGANICS! There’s still time to enter the Potatopatch contest… good luck!

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August 4, 2009

A long time ago, before lattes and laptops, the importance of massage was stressed for the healthy development of infants. The touch received from a parent’s loving hand helped nourish the child’s body and spirit. Today, confronted with all the complexities of life, it’s not hard to imagine that such an honoured tradition has taken a backseat to “more pressing” issues, such as what diaper bag you’re sporting or how many elite gadgets you have.

I’m guilty of massaging Ryder only sparingly, and even then, without taking to the time to fully appreciate the bonding experience. All that changed when I received an ORGANIC START baby massage oil set from MASHALA BABY ORGANICS.

MASHALA BABY ORGANICS, a Canadian-based company and PTPA Award Winner, got its name from the congratulatory blessing – “Mashala!” – exclaimed in Greek Macedonian tradition by grandparents and elders upon the birth of a child and to express satisfaction with a child’s growth and achievements. In fact, this exact blessing is used widely throughout areas and across cultures where ancient civilizations once flourished. Its literal meaning is “according to God’s will”.

MASHALA BABY ORGANICS massage oils are tailored to every stage of baby’s first few years of life. Enriched with quality organic oils such as roman chamomile, sweet orange, French lavender (my favourite), eucalyptus and the ancient and revered herb tulsi (holy basil), the massage oils also boast:

- no mineral oil
- no nut oil
- no artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives
- 100% natural skin care for baby & family

Providing a healthy oil massage is an ancient practice with tried and true benefits. “Research shows that massage nurtures babies’ psychological, physiological, and developmental growth. It fosters healthy self-esteem and increases bonding between parents and their babies. It helps to calm baby and ease muscle pain or pain caused by teething. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to focus your undivided nurturing attention on your baby and show him/her how loved they are.”

I love the GENTLE VAPOR baby massage oil. When Ryder was a little stuffy last week, I added a few drops to his bath, and later massaged his chest and back. Not only did he coo with delight, but his congestion cleared up overnight. I repeated the massage for a few more nights, switching between the VAPOR and CALM & COMFORT oils. And let me tell you, Ryder (and mommy) slept better than we have in weeks.

(In case you were wondering, the CALM & COMFORT massage oil also makes for a fantastic adult massage, especially after a long day of parenting or partying!)

With the exception of the NEWBORN oil, which is of course, fragrance-free, all the oils carry a heady aroma without being too overpowering. Perfect for your little one’s sensitive nose! And, orders of MASHALA BABY ORGANICS gift sets come with basic infant massage instructions, which I found to be very informative and helpful. To top it off, shipping is FREE across North America. Could it get any better?

Click here to begin shopping at MASHALA BABY ORGANICS.

It just got better! Contest time!

MASHALA BABY ORGANICS has generously offered one Listen to Lena! reader an ORGANIC START baby massage oil set! The set includes DAILY, NEWBORN, CALM & COMFORT and GENTLE VAPOR baby oil blends packaged in an attractive hand-stamped undyed cotton drawstring bag, plus beginner infant massage instructions (retail value $39.99).

To enter, simply:

1. Become a fan of MASHALA BABY ORGANICS on Facebook (don’t forget to post a comment here letting us know you’re now a fan).


2. Visit their site and leave a comment here telling us what impresses you most. I’ll draw for a winner next Monday. Good luck everybody!

Contest Rules:

1. You do not have to be a Blogger or have a Google ID to enter this contest; simply select Name/URL, enter your name and leave your comment.

2. All winners on Listen to Lena!, unless otherwise stated, are chosen by Random.org’s “True Random Number” generator. Entrants will earn a ballot based on meeting the qualifications for entry outlined in the blog post.

3. Winners must contact me within one (1) week of their name being announced on Listen to Lena! to claim their prize – after that time, an alternate name will be drawn and awarded the outstanding loot.

4. Unless otherwise stated, contests are open to all citizens of Canada and the U.S.

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