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Welcome to #PaybackSeason: Busting the Top 5 Tax Myths

April 11, 2017

It’s the middle of April, which means you are likely in one of two camps: those who have finished filing their taxes, and those who are postponing the inevitable for as long as humanly possible. Can you guess which camp I’m in?

Whether you’re blissfully spending your refund or are still in the process of collecting all your forms and receipts, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you have the correct information. Friends and neighbours may often be a source of great advice, but when it comes to taxes, it’s best to leave the advice to the experts.
banner_media-centerCourtesy of my friends at H&R Block Canada, here are some of the top tax myths. Spoiler alert: cats are not considered dependents for tax purposes. I’m serious.

Myth #1: If I receive a tax refund, my return is approved. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will process your return and send you a refund fairly promptly. However, the CRA also has three years in which to review returns and request follow up paperwork. The review may result in a Notice of Reassessment with a balance owing. For example, if you claimed moving expenses that were not eligible, the CRA will disallow your claim and send you a tax bill.  (more…)

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It’s Tax Time! Your Questions… Answered! #HRBrep

April 11, 2016

If you’d rather (insert torturous activity here) than do your taxes, trust me, you’re not alone.

April is upon us, and that means it’s tax time! If your 2015 return has been prepared, filed and you’ve already spent your refund, congratulations – you are a much better person than me. I’m still trying to sort through receipts, invoices and… oh, never mind. I’ll worry about it next week :)Now, if you’ve been attending our #HowtoRefund Twitter Chats with H&R Block Canada, you’ve already been privy to a wealth of knowledge and advice from their tax experts. And this year, it’s easier than ever to get things done: you can DIY with H&R Block’s FREE Online Tax Software or visit your nearest H&B Block tax office and have an expert do the work for you. And step to it! There are less than three weeks to the deadline!

(Tax questions? Our third and final #HowtoRefund Twitter Chat is taking place on Tuesday, April 19th at 8PM EST. Tune in for last-minute tax advice and the chance to win Visa Gift Cards!)  (more…)

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Making Sense of it All: Join the #TaxTalkTime Twitter Chat

October 16, 2015

It’s really no surprise to learn that personal tax implications sway 70% of Canadians’ votes. Of course! We all want to know how our support for a particular party will directly affect our bank account. However, studies from H&R Block have previously shown widespread confusion about personal tax topics, ranging from marital status filings to TFSAs.

To help address the persistent questions around taxes, join @HRBlockCanada for a #TaxTalkTime Twitter Chat on Thursday, October 22nd at 8:00pm EDT.
twitter party oct 22 (2)“Canadian consumers are right to be concerned about how proposed tax platforms will impact their personal taxes,” says Caroline Battista, senior tax analyst, H&R Block Canada. “Personal taxes are complicated enough with the rules changing constantly, especially during an election year.”

We all know it’s important to pay attention so we can understand how the election’s outcome will impact our personal filing situation. That’s why I encourage everyone to join the chat! To thank you for your participation, we’ll give away $750.00 in cash card prizes, including a grand prize of $250.00.

There’s no RSVP for this chat; simply tweet on the hashtag to join the conversation, and for a chance to win! See you on Thursday night!

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You Asked… H&R Block Listened! Time for DIY x 2!

April 17, 2015

It’s less than two weeks away, friends… the deadline to file 2014 income taxes. Sure, you *could* curl up into the fetal position, denying the mountain of receipts and paperwork you need to tackle. Or you could suck it up, download H&R Block’s FREE Online Tax Software, and call it a day.

See? I said the good “f” word. FREE.

Now, chances are, if you’re still waiting to file, you may have some questions for the experts at H&R Block. And they are willing to assist! Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Download H&R Block’s FREE Online Tax Software.

Step 2: Prepare your tax return. With an easy interface, access to round-the-clock support and an accuracy guarantee, it just makes sense to give H&R Block’s Online Tax Software a go!

Step 3: Write down any questions you may have, and bring them to the #FileFreeOnline Twitter Chat on Wednesday, April 22nd at 8:00pm EDT. An entire team of experts will be on the chat to offer last minute clarifications, answer your tax-related questions, and give you the final push you need to file your tax return!
FileFreeOnline GraphicTo thank you for joining us, of course we’ll have a ton of gift cards up for grabs – 5 x $100 Visa Gift Cards, and a GRAND PRIZE of a $250 Visa Gift Card! RSVP below for a chance to win, and see you on Wednesday night!  (more…)

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DIY Canadians… #FileFreeOnline!

March 24, 2015

Based on the response for the post “DIY Canadians! Introducing H&R Block Online Tax Software“, it looks like many of y’all are planning to DIY this year and prepare your own taxes. Any why not? With H&R Block Online Tax Software, you can file for FREE, with absolutely no hidden costs!

Yes, I said the good “f” word. FREE.

It’s free, regardless of income, job, age, whether you’re a student or retiree, or have a simple or complex tax return. H&R Block Online Tax Software will empower Canadian filers to take control of their taxes and enjoy the benefits of ease, convenience, accuracy and control.

Want to learn more? Join us at the @HRBlockCanada #FileFreeOnline Twitter Chat.
HRBlock Graphic v4We’ll share everything you need to know about H&R Block Online Tax Software, and provide valuable info for all those looking to DIY this tax season. To thank you for joining us, of course we’ll have a ton of great prizes up for grabs (including a HUGE! grand prize).  (more…)

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