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DIY or DIFM (Do it For Me)? Hardwood Installation with The Home Depot Canada

February 16, 2017

If you’re lucky enough to know a general contractor or someone who specializes in flooring installation, I am really, really, jealous.

Seriously. A home reno that involves a flooring install is a BIG deal, and it involves time, money and a general upheaval of your living conditions. And, when you have to trust the work to strangers, it makes it all the more ominous: will I like the results? Can I trust the quality and workmanship? You’re gluing what to where and how?

Yeah, it can get a little ambiguous.

Thankfully, you’ve got me – I’ve recently survived a hardwood install! Today, I’ll tell you what you need to know to make it as painless as possible.pic1Tip #1: Buy Your Own Wood. If you call a contractor, chances are they will offer a selection of hardwood or engineered hardwood for you to peruse, and may even try to lure you with their “contractor’s discount.” Don’t be persuaded, unless they present you with a sample you love at a price you can live with. There are other options, promise.

You see, the selection at The Home Depot Canada is unsurpassed! From the type of flooring to the species and finish, YOU get to decide what is best for your home. And remember this advice: ALL wood species are suitable for everyday use. An associate in the flooring department can help you find a look and finish that you’ll love.  (more…)

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Simple Steps to Mini Garden Success with The Home Depot

May 21, 2015

You know how some people have a green thumb? I have a black thumb. The black thumb of foliage death. And for years, I avoided any mention of gardening, flowers, landscaping… you name it. In fact, if it wasn’t for Frank Ferragine and his deviously straightforward advice, I probably would have been garden-less for yet another year.

I was peer pressured by Frankie Flowers, folks. Peer pressured!

He said I could totally do it. He offered simple steps. He recommended the right products to get the job done. And he gushed how it would turn into a family tradition that my boys would cherish.

He was right, of course. And as a member of The Home Depot Canada #HDBlogSquad, I was more than up to the task.

Sad, clay-packed flower beds? Check.
Overgrown grass and weeds? Check.
Patches of death on the lawn? Check.

A mom with an award-winning garden and penchant for landscaping? SECRET WEAPON.

Oh yeah, I enlisted the big guns. I called mommy and asked her to spend a day gardening with us. And why not? If we’re going to turn this into a family tradition, it might as well be a multi-generational tradition.

First things first. I picked Frank’s brain. Yep, I had a chance for a Q&A with the gardening guru himself! And I’ll be frank (pun intended), he is a master at his craft. Easy-to-follow, succinct and relevant advice – with product recommendations – that turned what I once considered an ordeal into a fun day outdoors.

Introducing… our very anti-climatic flower bed. Sans flowers, of course.
DSC_0968Yeah, that’s what we had to start with, times two. When we first designed our patio, I envisioned gorgeous flower beds filled with bright colours on each side… but I never realized that dream. Because I’m lazy. And don’t know what I’m doing.  (more…)

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More Saving. More Doing… with Our Gardening Guru!

April 29, 2015

If you weren’t born with a green thumb, you’re probably not alone.

Each year, thousands of gardening enthusiasts flock to The Home Depot Canada for advice, inspiration, and of course, the highest quality products for a sprawling, luxury landscape.

Or, you know, a herb garden – which is what I’m attempting this year. Don’t judge! Small steps!

And if you’re like me, an hour with an expert – who’s at my disposal to answer questions, dispel myths and provide encouragement – is pretty invaluable. Good news! The Home Depot Canada is making this a reality.

Join @HomeDepotCanada on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 8pm ET for the #ScottsSimpleSteps Twitter Party with renowned TV celebrity @FrankFerragine! As a talented gardening guru, he’s here to answer your questions – and we’d love for you to chat with us during this party on tips and tricks for bringing your lawn and garden to life this spring. Whether you’re interested in hearing about the latest trends in outdoor planting, or the simple steps to growing a better, greener lawn with Scotts products, we’ll be covering it all!
THD_FB_SpringTwitterParty-V11_invite (2)By participating, you’ll have a chance to win one of eight (8) gift cards for The Home Depot, with a grand prize worth $1,000! See official rules here.

RSVP below, and we’ll see you on Wednesday night.  (more…)

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Start Spring in Style with The Home Depot Canada!

April 2, 2015

Note: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only.

Is it Spring yet? I know, *technically* on paper, the cold weather should be on its way out. Should be.

Alas, with the dreaded snowflake icon still showing up on my weather apps, I’m not holding my breath. So I’m doing my part to ensure I get my daily dose of seasonal goodness, and today, that includes sharing the latest Spring styles from The Home Depot Canada!

With warmer weather comes excitement for sunshine, backyard BBQs with friends and family, and enjoying the great outdoors. But before we can revel in our limited taste of the tropics, an outdoor refresh is in order! Spring is a time to prep the garden, clear the backyard and start planning your outdoor oasis – and The Home Depot Canada has everything you need to get started. From décor and outdoor power to live goods, a local associate can offer tips and tricks to help you prepare for the warmer weather.

Here are my picks for the season:

Whether you’re outfitting the ultimate man cave backyard, creating a contemporary patio or styling a small space, The Home Depot Canada is a one-stop shop for creating your perfect patio oasis.
Corliving Oakland 4 piece Patio Lounger lifestyleCorLiving Oakland 4-Piece Patio Lounger Set (Price: $1520.00). This stylishly comfortable lounger set is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. The cleverly designed chairs are practical with weather-resistant fabric and a robust steel frame that is UV-resistant, durable and easy to care for.  (more…)

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I’m Part of a Squad. A Home Depot Blog Squad. Fabulous!

February 19, 2015

It’s no secret that I’m a little less DIY (“do it yourself”) and a little more DIFM (“do it for me”). And there’s no shame in that! I am happy to keep contractors gainfully employed, and with every home reno and small room makeover we complete, we get a little more confident… a little more creative… and a lot more willing to take on bigger projects.
B-OdvBqCMAAGpIDOf course, taking the time to complete a room facelift or renovation is 50% ability, and 50% inspiration! And as part of the very first Home Depot Blog Squad, I am thrilled to be in the company of some of the most inspiring design and decor bloggers in Canada.

Together, we’ll be tackling small reno projects – with products and advice from Home Depot Canada – and working to encourage YOU to take on some projects of your own. Let’s just say that you can do it, and we can help.

Today, I’d love to share some of the home decor and design projects that have been happening behind the scenes by the #HDBlogSquad.

Tim Lam of Design Maze
Shannon Acheson of AKA Design
Brittany Stager of My Daily Randomness
Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators

And… moi! Okay, so I don’t have my small reno project available *just yet*. Between our recent family vacation and a tiny (really, super tiny, like minuscule) plumbing fiasco, we are a bit behind schedule for a laundry room “facelift”.

(Can a laundry room be pretty? I’d like to think so! And trust me, I’m working to make the most of the tiny cell that has been zoned for laundry purposes on our second floor. You can look forward to my reno in the coming weeks!)

In the meantime, check out the DIY’s above, and be sure to follow the #HDBlogSquad hashtag on social to stay on top of our exploits.

Are you currently working on any home renos? Do tell!

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