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Snacking Just Got Fresher!

March 23, 2017

This work-at-home mom is on the go.

Sure, I spend a fair bit of time in my home office, but I’m also, well, all over the place. Client meetings and radio segments. School drop offs and pickups. Errands, photo shoots, press events, media trips.

Did I mention I’m a snacker? The most serious kind, too.
_DSC1547bI love to snack. Who doesn’t? It keeps hunger pangs at bay between meals and gives me that second wind I desperately need, especially mid-morning. (Yes, I would vote to make “elevensies” a thing.) But not just any snack will do – for me, the perfect noshing food is delicious, packed with quality ingredients and most importantly, contains important nutrients such as protein, fibre and a whole lot of whole grains. And, if it’s equally easy to sneak in my crossbody bag as it is to pack in the kids’ lunch, we’ll call it a winner.  (more…)

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How to Minimize the Stress of the Morning Rush

August 30, 2016

I think we’ve all reached the point where we’re done talking about back to school and now we’re forced to do something about it. This may include, but is not limited to:

Shopping. I adore back to school shopping! Crisp notebooks, stylish clothes, the latest in technology and two very opinionated boys who want it all. Our back to school shopping begins in August and is a month-long celebration, loosely known as “pawning off the kids to someone else for 10 months.”DSC_1146aStrength Conditioning. For your hands. Because come September, there WILL be forms to sign. Mountains and mountains of forms to sign. Last year, I briefly considered ordering a personalized stamp with my name and phone number, so I wouldn’t have to fill out my information 1,734 times.

Lunches. For moms of young ones, get ready to make lunches. And with two boys in elementary school, I’ll make 388 lunches before June 2017. Normally this wouldn’t faze me, but then I consider that I’ll actually have made almost 4,000 lunches by the time the kids go to high school. Hold me.  (more…)

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