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All Aboard! WIN a Cruise Vacation for Two with AIR MILES!

March 30, 2017

The phone rings on a busy weeknight, just as you’re ushering the kids out the door. You consider letting it go to voicemail, but you’re close to a handset and can avoid checking messages later. You answer – on the other line, a pleasant voice informs you that, courtesy of AIR MILES, you’ve won a tropical cruise vacation for two.

What is your reaction?

A) Denial – nope, it’s too good to be true.
B) Confusion – you don’t recall entering a giveaway!
C) Cautious Optimism – Could this actually be real?

Friends, I’m here today to tell you that the correct answer is D. The best part? You may have already entered to win – just by using your AIR MILES Card as you normally would!
logo2Introducing the AIR MILES All Aboard Cruise Giveaway. As part of their commitment to providing Collectors with the best experience possible – AIR MILES is giving away 1,300 staterooms aboard the AIR MILES All Aboard Cruise.

(That is NOT a typo! 1,300 cruise vacations for two, including flights!)  (more…)

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Treat Yourself – #NoMilesNeeded! Introducing AIR MILES Perks.

October 19, 2016

Are you Canadian? (√ Check.)
Are you an AIR MILES Collector? (√ Check.)

Did you know that you already have access to a HUGE variety of great deals, discounts and benefits – part of the AIR MILES Reward Program – with NO Miles needed?

It’s true! Prepare to be blown away, friends.

Introducing AIR MILES Perks. Perks have been hand-picked just for AIR MILES Collectors and are available to ALL Collectors, just for having an AIR MILES Card. You can find deals nationwide or ones that are tailor made for your city; simply visit the website, select your region and check out all the promos and savings!

Recently, I stopped by What She Said and shared all the details – check out my segment below!

Now I won’t spoil it for you (and I know how much you love to watch me chatting with gigantic head phones) but the gist is, some Perks are available simply by showing your AIR MILES Card (sweet!) while others have exclusive discount codes or eVouchers.  (more…)

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Reward Me: AIR MILES Dining Discount Book

July 29, 2016

Friends, I’ve found a way to turn Dream Miles into dinner. Oh yes.

So let’s just say you’ve been sitting on a handful of AIR MILES Reward Miles you’d love to redeem, but just can’t settle on the best way to do it. I get it! Choosing a reward is almost more difficult than purchasing something, isn’t it? It’s one of the reasons I both love and loathe gift cards – I spend *way* too much time deciding how to go about my spending spree!

If you’re in the same boat, I’ve got the perfect option for you (and your loved ones!). Introducing the AIR MILES Dining Discount Book. For a limited time only, redeem just 250 Miles and get over $1,000 in restaurants savings!
airmilesCurrently offered in the Toronto and Vancouver markets, using the AIR MILES Dining Discount Book is simple:

1. Use your Miles to get the Discount Book for your desired region.
2. Present your coupon at participating restaurants.
3. Enjoy the Savings!

I nabbed the Discount Book for Toronto – which includes the Greater Toronto Area – and was so pleased to find incredible savings for many of the restaurants my family loves. Plus, with a large number of participating restaurants offering BOGO deals, there’s incentive to try new ones we’ve been wanting to check out!  (more…)

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#BandTogether! Get Meghan Trainor to a Canadian Small Town!

May 23, 2016

I’ll admit it: growing up in and around Toronto, I’ve had no shortage of opportunities to see “big name” acts live in concert. In fact, even when other large Canadian cities are shunned on “World” or “North American” tours, Torontonians are always treated to a stop for the most popular bands and singers.

Time to change that.

AIR MILES is proud to present DETOUR, a new music program launched by the AIR MILES Reward Program in partnership with Live Nation. In the spirit of being better together, AIR MILES will be rewarding a lucky Canadian small town with an epic music experience – a chance to host Meghan Trainor LIVE in concert!
bg--vip-headerWant to get in on the fun? You should – because there’s totally something in it for YOU!

First, select the small town Canadian town you’d like to support from these finalists. I have committed my vote to Mulmur, ON! (Here’s a reason: They’re home to a festival that changed music history.)  (more…)

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Last Minute Back-to-School Shopping? Make the Most It.

September 5, 2015

If you’re ready to brave the crowds this Labour Day weekend, congrats! You’re just as crazy as I am.

After some unscheduled time off, I haven’t had the time to do all those last-minute errands for the boys. And so, here it is, the last weekend before school begins, and I’m set to hit the mall, the grocery store, and most likely, the bottle.

A girl’s gotta unwind, yes?

There is a silver lining to this 11th-hour chaos: the AIR MILES Better Bonus Event, which gives Collectors like me the opportunity to support children’s causes across Canada. Check it out: for every Bonus Mile I receive using my Better Bonus Event coupons, AIR MILES will match that Mile – up to 10 million Miles! – to donate to children’s causes nationwide.
main-wk4Here are my picks for this weekend!

Sobeys: Shop for all your school lunch necessities and support their partners such as Free The Children and the Home Cook Heroes program.

Shell: Driving to the dorm? Fuel up with Shell, and receive 7x the AIR MILES Reward Miles with a $10 in-store purchase. Minimum 25 L fuel purchase required per transaction.  (more…)

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A New Way to Pay it Forward with #AIRMILES4Change

September 1, 2015

It’s the week before the new school year begins. Also known as, one of the most chaotic weeks of my life! If I’m not taking a mental inventory of the boys’ wardrobe and rummaging through the closet for shoes that fit, I’m making grocery lists on the fly while trying to figure out back-to-school lunches and snacks. And then, of course, there’s that little matter of school supplies – paper, pencils and everything in between.

It’s exhausting! Of course, what keeps me going is the knowledge that at this time next week, they’ll be settled behind their desks instead of shadowing my every action. Seven more days, Lena!

And while I’m running around purchasing clothing, food and supplies, I’m also helping to make a difference in the lives of children around the world. Here’s how you can too.

Just in time for back-to-school, the AIR MILES Reward Program is teaming up with its Partners – some of Canada’s most trusted and beloved brands – to launch a new initiative that celebrates and gives back to children’s causes.
better bonusOn August 6, 2015, AIR MILES launched the Better Bonus Event, which gives Collectors like me the opportunity to support children’s causes across Canada, just by doing my everyday shopping – including my back-to-school shopping. For every Bonus Mile I receive using my Better Bonus Event coupons, AIR MILES will match that Mile – up to 10 million Miles! – to donate to children’s causes nationwide.

Rewarding Yourself + Giving Back = Perfect Promotion. Way to go, AIR MILES!

And there’s more – not only can I collect a substantial number of Bonus Miles, but I’ll also have the opportunity to win one of four prizes, including 50,000 Miles plus an additional 50,000 Miles that goes towards the charity of my choice!  (more…)

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That’s Amore! It’s an #airmilesshops Twitter Party!

February 8, 2015

Ah… Valentine’s Day.

A chance to show your loved ones how much you care – preferably with candy, flowers or a romantic dinner à deux. (Me? I’m a Prada kind of gal. As in, nothing says love like Prada on your shoulder.)

And if you’re still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, I’m here to reward you.

Simply log onto www.airmilesshops.ca. NOW until February 14th, AIR MILES card holders will earn 2x reward miles! So, whether you’re shopping for a romantic gift for someone special, buying an adorable something for the kids, or treating yourself during your shopping ventures online, you’ll earn 2x reward miles just for shopping through airmilesshops.ca! Amazing!

And, with over 200 online stores to choose from, chances are you’ll find the perfect gift. Victoria’s Secret. People’s. 1-800-Flowers.ca. WaySpa.com. Even Apple Store Canada, because sometimes the way to a woman’s heart is through her brand new iPhone.
23846-15-AMS_Billboard_980x270_CSR1To celebrate the day of love and 2x reward miles, we’re having an #airmilesshops Twitter Party on Monday February 9th at 8PM EST! Join us to chat about the best online Valentine’s Day deals, gifting suggestions, and of course, a chance to win AIR MILES reward vouchers! RSVP below to be eligible for prizes (CAN only) and we’ll see you on Monday night.  (more…)

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Back to School with #airmilesshops!

August 19, 2014

I have fond memories of back to school shopping with my parents. Shuffling from store to store; checking the flyers, prices and sales, wading through crowds of kids and frazzled parents.

My boys won’t have the same memories – because I’ll be completing ALL their back to school shopping online! And with www.airmilesshops.ca, it’s easier than ever to reward yourself – from August 25th until September 1st, Collectors earn 5x reward miles just for shopping at their favourite online stores through #airmilesshops!

Earning AIR MILES reward miles while shopping online through airmilesshops.ca is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step One: Sign In – Sign in with your AIR MILES Collector Number and click “Shop Now”
Step Two: Shop – You will be taken to the retailer’s online site and shop as you normally would
Step Three: Earn – You will earn 1 AIR MILES reward miles for every $20 you spend!

All you have to do is remember to sign in through the portal and you’ll automatically earn rewards. And since your privacy and security is of the utmost importance, each and every retailer that is under the “virtual roof” of airmilesshops.ca uses a secure SSL checkout. Hence, you’ll always have peace of mind when shopping online – especially during the hectic back to school season.

So beat those crowds, grab the best deals, and get ready to WIN – join us for an @AIRMILES #airmilesshops Twitter Party on Monday, August 25th at 8pm ET. We’ll share tips and tricks for finding the hottest back to school gear and showcase the latest and greatest from top fashion retailers like Old Navy, The Gap, TOMS, Hudson’s Bay and more! Plus, we’ll be giving away some pretty sweet prizes, guaranteed to receive an A+ for awesomeness.

AIR MILES back to schoolRSVP for a chance to win, and see you on Monday night! 

*Please be sure to enter your Twitter Handle “@yourTwitterhandle” in the Link/Blog Title field, and your Twitter URL “www.twitter.com/yourtwitterhandle” in the Link Field* (more…)

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Enjoy the Flavour of FREE: #AIRMILESCash

August 6, 2014

Now raise your hands if you blinked… and found yourself in August. Yeah, me too!

It’s safe to say that the summer is in full swing, so it’s definitely time to kick back and relax. Whether it’s with family, friends or your significant other, this season is officially the best time to take a break and treat yourself. However, with demanding schedules for many of us, there’s often not enough time to plan a carefree outing. (Or, if I decide to bring the kids… it’s an outing, but not necessarily carefree. Lesson: leave the kids at home.)

But don’t fret – it’s easier than ever to break away from the grind with the newest AIR MILES Cash feature!

Heads up, peeps, because if you’re a foodie, you’ll want to take note: You can now redeem AIR MILES reward miles instantly online for any Cara Restaurant – think Swiss Chalet, Milestones Grill & Bar, Montana’s Cookhouse, Kelsey’s and Harvey’s…. and East Side Mario’s, Casey’s Grill + Bar, Bier Markt and Fionn MacCool’s from the Prime family of restaurants. That’s a whole lotta deliciousness – time to enjoy the flavour of FREE with AIR MILES Cash!

With these new mouth-watering dining options to choose from, it’s a snap to share the reward with family and friends. Forgot to send a birthday gift to a steak lover on the east coast? No problem! You can use reward miles in your AIR MILES Cash balance to redeem for electronic vouchers (called ‘eVouchers’). Simply redeem 95 reward miles for $10 towards your purchase with a Reward Partner of your choice – up to $750 worth of reward miles per day. That’s more than enough for your next night out at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar, one of the latest Sponsors to join current partners such as Cineplex and Starbucks. Bring on your appetite!

Want to learn more? We’re serving up a fun-filled chat with @AIRMILES at the #AIRMILESCash Twitter Party!

AIRMILES Cash Graphic v2Join the fun on Tuesday, August 12th at 8pm ET. To whet your appetite, of course we’ll have some ah-mazing prizes up for grabs. Plus, we’ll give you all the scoop on AIR MILES Cash eVouchers, the latest Reward Partners, and more! (See our official rules.)

RSVP below for your chance to win, and we’ll see you on Tuesday night!


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Step into the World of Onyx

July 31, 2014

Standing behind the velvet rope, I stepped on tiptoes, craning my neck for a better look. The attendant at the door frowned slightly, shifting to the right to block my view. I crossed my arms at my chest, silently willing him to move aside so I could once again peek through the door. I heard the deep laughter mixed with clinking glasses. I felt the pulsating beat of music escaping onto the sidewalk. I saw the onyx walls alternating between dark and dangerous, with every flash of a strobe light.

Determined, I adjusted my facial expression from surly to sultry. Smiling at the attendant, I asked:

“So, what can I do to hasten my entry tonight?”

He looked at me shrewdly, and then, leaning forward, whispered: “How much have you got?”

I leaned forward boldly, aware that to enter the world of Onyx, there is only one thing I had to do.

I had to keep being me.

“Six thousand,” I stated quietly, raising my eyebrows in challenge.

With a lop-sided grin, he retreated and released the velvet rope. Taking a deep breath, I stepped through the threshold, my eyes adjusting to the dark with ease as my gaze shifted from side to side.

The World of Onyx.

AIR MILES OnyxAnd that, is how I was introduced to AIR MILES’ Onyx program: a way to thank their best Collectors with exclusive benefits, including personal shopper service, discounts on flight and merchandise rewards as well as priority customer service, to name just a few. An event held recently in Toronto announced the program for high-earning Collectors who earn 6,000 AIR MILES reward miles during one calendar year (from January 1 – December 31). So, keep doing what you’re doing, collecting those reward miles and living life.  (more…)

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Be a Power Shopping Pro: AIR MILES Shops

December 13, 2013

Friends, this weekend will go down in history as two of the busiest shopping days of the year. Yes, it’s the weekend before the weekend before Christmas! Also known as the time that panic sets in; you’ve got loved ones to shop for, and precious time is running out.

Okay, so I’m not going to try to alleviate your fears, because the truth is, y’all need to get it together. If there was ever a time to be a Power Shopping Pro, it’s NOW!

Shopping in person? Bring patience and *try* to remember the joyousness of the season as you stand in store lineups and navigate an overfull parking lot. And if you’re shopping online (my preferred option), be snappy: there are only a handful of days left to receive your items in time for Christmas.

Of course, I wouldn’t be a shopping guru unless I shared some of my best tips! This season, I’ve partnered with airmilesshops.ca to provide you with suggestions to make this year’s holiday shopping easy, fun and full of savings!

1. Mimic the man in red by making a list and checking it twice: Be sure to take into account stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and even wrapping paper. A good tip is to buy a few generic gifts (candles are always great!) just in case you receive a few unexpected gifts from acquaintances and neighbours and want to reciprocate the gesture.

2. Avoid the last-minute crowds by shopping online: Keep stress and overspending at bay by skipping the mall and shopping from the comforts of your own home. airmilesshops.ca is a one stop shopping destination with amazing retailers from Apple to Old Navy!

3. Work, family and neighbourhood holiday parties can take-up a lot of time, so make the most of a free hour by “power shopping” online: As all moms know, alone time is rare and precious which is why power shopping is so important! Take advantage of nap time, TV time or your lunch break to buy all of your gifts online at airmilesshops.ca.

4. If you just can’t avoid the last minute gift rush: Check items off your online list first and then head to the mall for any items left on your list. Beat the crowds by arriving right when the mall opens or closes and study the mall’s layout to ensure your shopping is as efficient as possible. Holiday bills can add-up fast so be sure to take advantage of special bonus offers: Using a shopping portal to make purchases, such as airmilesshops.ca, allows you to take advantage of special merchant offers while increasing your rewards points exponentially. For the most rewarding shopping experience, use both your AIR MILES Collector card and your affiliated credit card to complete a purchase and earn even more miles.

5. Don’t forget to rack up the rewards: While we are often asked if we collect AIR MILES reward miles when we shop in-store, we don’t receive that same cue when shopping online. Hence, make sure you set airmilesshops.ca as your home page RIGHT NOW. It will be your reminder to collect all those fabulous reward miles when you make your purchases this weekend and beyond! (more…)

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Power Shopping 101: Join us for an #airmilesshops Twitter Party!

November 18, 2013

Attention Shoppers: It’s time to SHOP ’til you DROP.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season) just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get a head start on that holiday shopping list! Oh, I know you’ve got about a gazillion people to shop for, and that’s why I’m here to let you in on a little secret.

While you’re making that list, and checking it twice… you can be rewarding yourself, too.

It’s true! All you have to do is make sure you visit www.airmilesshops.ca – the ONLY online AIR MILES shopping mall that gives Collectors the ability to earn reward miles as well as access to over 140+ major brand name stores. Earning AIR MILES reward miles while shopping online through airmilesshops.ca is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step One: Sign In – Sign in with your AIR MILES Collector Number and click “Shop Now”
Step Two: Shop – You will be taken to the retailer’s online site and shop as you normally would
Step Three: Earn – When you check out you will earn AIR MILES reward miles on your purchase!

All you have to do is remember to sign in through the portal and you’ll automatically earn rewards. And since your privacy and security is of the utmost importance, each and every retailer that is under the “virtual roof” of airmilesshops.ca uses a secure SSL checkout. Hence, you’ll always have peace of mind when shopping online.

Curious about the participating brands? You should be! You’ll have a choice of over 140 major brand name stores, including Sears, The Apple Store Canada, Dell Canada, Chapters Indigo, Amazon.ca, eBay.ca, Lands’ End, LL Bean, Expedia, Bose, Victoria’s Secret and Hotels.com – just to name a few. My picks: ALDO Canada, Toys “R” Us, Old Navy Canada and Lancôme Canada, of course. BONUS: Top US retailers available through airmilesshops.ca include Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and JC Penny. Now that’s a rewarding cross-border shopping trip.

Ready to start shopping? We’ve got a ton of tips, tricks and deals to share at the #airmilesshops Twitter Party!

Join me and moderators @FeistyFrugal and @ChildMode on Thursday, November 28th for a shopping party like no other! In addition to the fabulous shop talk, we’ll have some amazing prizes up for grabs, including the chance to win 1 of 6 Holiday Gifts from @AIRMILES. Mark your calendars – you won’t want to miss it! (See our official rules here.)

RSVP below for a chance to win – and be sure to bring your wish list to the party! (more…)

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