Find Your Perfect Balance

July 8, 2015

Summer is finally here! And one of the reasons I love the warmer season is the abundance of fresh, local produce coming our way. All those vitamins and nutrients fill me with glee!
free-oranges-wallpaper-27804-28526-hd-wallpapersHowever, there are times when, despite my best intentions, I fall short of my nutritional goals. Let’s face it – life is hectic, and takeout is simple. And that’s when I rely on supplements to bridge the gap.

Want to know more about the benefits of supplements? << Click there. It will take you to an article I recently wrote to help you Get the Most Out of Life. And, for more information on health and wellness, here’s your source for the season’s top health topics and advice from Shoppers Drug Mart’s panel of experts. Here’s to your health!

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Patio Perfection? It’s Possible with The Home Depot

July 7, 2015

I want to have it all.

I want a gorgeous outdoor dining set that’s functional, stylish and ever-ready to entertain guests for a scrumptious barbecue feast on any given weekend.

I want a modern, luxe outdoor sofa set that reflects my personal style and preference for quality finishes, allowing for relaxation and friendly conversations, wine glasses in hand.

And I want to have them both in a suburban backyard with limited space. Crazy, right?

But who says I can’t have it all. I can – and I do – courtesy of a little shuffling on my part and this stunning Settina 9pc Estate Collection from The Home Depot Canada.
DSC_1077I’ve been working on turning my backyard into an oasis for some time now. First, we designed a stamped concrete patio and furnished it with a beautifully intricate outdoor dining set from The Home Depot. Next, I adopted a green thumb, and with the help of a foliage master, created a mini garden to flank either side of the patio. My backyard retreat was finally coming together! It was just missing one thing: a place to stretch out and relax. However, given the limited size of our patio, I was unclear about my options.  (more…)

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Baby Your Lips with Baby Lips

July 6, 2015

I’ll let y’all in on a little secret: lately, I’ve been obsessed with my lips.

I’ve been obsessed with them because they’re soft, smooth and plump. They’re fuller; more pouty, more kissable (of course, that’s for my husband’s benefit alone). They appear to be – dare I say it – younger. I’ve been babying them, you see.
DSC_1076aAnd I’ll even let you in on my little secret. Available in Canada this month, Maybelline New York introduces Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss ($5.99 CAD). Sick of sticky traditional lip glosses? Leave sticky behind with Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss – 0% sticky and 100% creamy shine. Caring oils and vitamin E moisturize, smooth and soften for 4 hours so lips never feel dry.  (more…)

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Panamania! WIN 4 Tix to Women’s Medal Soccer at the Pan Am Games!

July 3, 2015

It’s nice to have friends in clean places.

As I shared in a previous post, I’m happy to announce that Maytag Canada, a Whirlpool brand, is bringing its iconic powerful and dependable laundry appliances to the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, providing washers and dryers to ensure athletes not only perform at their best, but look great too. As the Official Appliance and Athlete Laundry Services Supplier for the Games, Maytag will furnish all athlete residences in the CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletes’ Village with over 400 washers and dryers.

Open_1175X1290_P130793_81 (2)Fact: More than 7500 athletes will depend on Maytag appliances to perform so their uniforms are ready when it’s time to compete. WOW!

For years, Canadians have chosen Maytag appliances for their durability, reliability, and power. And today, Maytag wants you to check out the bright, clean uniforms that will be sported by a women’s soccer team at the Pan Am Games… one lucky reader will win 4 tickets to a Women’s Medal Soccer match on the night of Friday, July 24th, 2015!

(CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium)

You’ll be responsible for your own transportation and other expenses, but here’s your chance to take in a bronze medal game, courtesy of Maytag.  (more…)

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Coconut Ice Cream with Buttered Rum Sauce and Grilled Pineapple

July 2, 2015

And…. I made the ice cream MYSELF! Three cheers for homemade goodness on a hot summer day. You can do it too with the Hamilton Beach 1/2 Quart Ice Cream Maker – enjoy ice cream, sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt or custard in as little as 20 minutes. That’s right, just 20 minutes!
DSC_1030There seems to be a stigma that homemade frozen desserts are difficult to make, when truly, it couldn’t be more simple. In fact, with the Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, it’s pretty foolproof.  (more…)

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Planning Your Next Kitchen? Create Your Style Board Today.

June 30, 2015

We know it’s the heart of the home; the place everyone naturally gravitates towards to connect with one another. And, we also know that appliances are not the sexiest purchase you’ll ever make.

However, when planning your next kitchen, I just have one question for you:

What do you envision?

Do you love contemporary or classic materials? Will it be airy and open concept, or quaint like a country farm house? Should you opt for crisp, stainless steel appliances, or stick with tried-and-true (and now, trendy) white? And most importantly – will you undertake the renovation yourself, or trust your transformation to a professional?
panasonic_kitchen-whiteWhether your next kitchen is months or years away, it’s always important to create a style board. Style boards are a jumping off point; their purpose is to evoke the feeling of the project (color palette, design, layout, etc) and provide inspiration for mixed media. Wondering where to begin? The design experts at Panasonic Cooking’s Your Next Kitchen are here to help!

Design your dream kitchen by selecting your favourite swatches from paint, backsplashes, appliances and more. Here you’ll be able to mix and match colours, textures and finishes to suit your tastes and preferences. Or, you can select a preset style: choose from Contemporary, Eclectic, Modern, Traditional or Asian.

Are you Eclectic?
nexykitchenI must admit, there’s just something about the combination of yellow paint and subway tile that speaks to me. And that’s why I love the preset styles – I can browse through combinations of colours and materials that I may not necessarily come up with myself.  (more…)

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Pizza on the Barbecue? Now that’s FRESH.

June 30, 2015

If there’s one thing Canadians need to collectively do, it’s seize the summer. Especially *this* summer.

Okay, so we’ve had a slow start. But before we know it (fingers crossed), we’ll be well into the hot weather, the patio parties, and of course, the barbecues! Ah, barbecue.

(Spoiler Alert: Why yes, this IS a photo of me with celebrity Chef Corbin in front of a barbecue. What are we up to? Read on to find out!)
IMG_2730So, what’s on your menu this summer? I’ve planned for the usual suspects – burgers, ‘dogs and kabobs – and I’ll be grabbing all my mains and fixin’s at Walmart Canada. Hand on heart, it’s my preferred destination for fresh meat and produce!

Everyone knows Walmart as the place to get everyday supplies. But I’d love for you to discover another side of Walmart: great fresh food. Walmart offers a terrific selection of fresh produce, baked goods and meats. In fact, Walmart feels so strongly about their fresh food that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yep, you read that correctly – if you don’t absolutely love their triple 100% Canadian Angus beef, or their high-quality, locally sourced Maple Leaf Chicken, Canadian pork and salmon, simply present your receipt at the store for a full refund.

But how can we spread the word about Walmart’s delicious, high-quality ingredients and help families find easier, healthier and budget-friendly ways to feed their children? Tailgate parties of course! Hello!  (more…)

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Ce Weekend a Quebec

June 26, 2015

I *really* should be packing, but OF COURSE I had to share with you my destination for the next few days – the absolutely, positively gorgeous Mont Tremblant in Quebec! As part of Mont Tremblant’s #TremblantInstameet, we’ll be discovering this tourist hotspot and uncovering all the ways it’s perfect for family vacations this summer. From world-class accommodations and dining to family-friendly sports and activities, I’ll show you why Tremblant is a preferred destination all year round.
Tremblant-resort2Please follow the hashtag to keep up with our adventures! And, if you have any questions about the location, resort or activities, I’m always a tweet away. And now… I really MUST start packing!

Have a great weekend all! (I promise I’ll eat tons of poutine. Honestly, you don’t have to ask twice.)

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Here’s Another Reason it’s So Good.

June 24, 2015

One of the most wonderful things about being a parent, in Canada, in the year 2015, is the ability to offer my children a variety of food options. From goat’s cheese to poutine; blood sausage to naan, they are exposed to a multitude of cultures and cooking techniques that most kids from my generation missed out on.

(Case in point: as teens, we went to Lime Rickey’s for a quick bite. Today, teens hit up their nearest Thai noodle house. Insane, right?)

sogoodHence, with this in mind, I’ve recently started to diversify their palates further, offering protein-rich soy food to their diets, including So Good by Earth’s Own. In addition to allowing my boys to develop an appreciation for different tastes and textures, I also have their health (and the health of my husband and I) in mind – fortified soy beverages are considered the most complete dairy alternative and the only one recognized by Health Canada as a suitable alternative to dairy milk due to its nutritional benefits.

(I also have our taste buds in mind! Pictured right – So Good Kiwi Melon Smoothie.)

And here’s another reason to love soy: Health Canada recently approved a health claim linking the consumption of protein-rich soy food to lowering cholesterol levels. After an extensive review process by Health Canada, considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world, their scientific and regulatory teams made the decision based on scientific evidence that shows consumption of at least 25 grams of soy protein per day helps to reduce cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease.

So, where is all this cholesterol-lowering goodness? You can easily find it in soy beverages, tofu, miso, tempeh, natto, soy cheeses, soy nuts, isolated soy protein, soy protein concentrate, textured soy protein and soy flour.  (more…)

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Life in a Paperless World? One Step Closer with eBills

June 23, 2015

Disclosure: I love my mail carrier; I really do. She brings me countless goodies and always remembers to knock twice. And, she’s pretty fearless during inclement weather, plowing through my un-shoveled driveway, toy-strewn lawn or fallen leaf wonderland to deposit the latest review product or late-night shopping spree on my doorstep. So I really hate to complain… especially since I’m not entirely certain it’s her fault…

It’s just that, time after time, my electricity and water bills go to the wrong house. And, I tend to receive mail from another house about 4 streets over. I’m not exactly sure where the confusion begins – at the sorting facility or as the carrier sorts the mail on her route – but the end result is that I regularly receive an electricity bill about 3 weeks late, and I often NEVER see my water bills.

It’s kind of lame.

Hence, when I heard about TorontoHydro’s eBills, I rolled my eyes. At myself. Because surely I should have known about this sooner, yes? Talk about a game changer.
eBillHere’s the deal. With eBills, you have 24/7 access to your account from anywhere you access the Internet. You can view all your bills for the past two years (great if you own a small business), and because it’s paperless, it’s better for the environment. And if you need further incentive to sign up for eBill, all those who sign up will receive a free bottle of Fleecy Fast Dry concentrated fabric softener, and one lucky winner will win the GRAND PRIZE: a Samsung high-efficiency washer and dryer (Samsung WF5600 front-load steam washer and DV5600 front-load dryer).

I love the idea of accessing all my electricity bills in one location – especially since I’m more likely to pay them on time if the notification is dropped right into my inbox. Then, I simply pay the bill online at my financial institution’s website. Easy-peasy!

I’m looking forward to continuing to test the service and see just how much easier it makes my life. At the very least, the statements will end up in my inbox, and not on a neighbour’s doorstep!

Have you signed up for eBills? Are you a paperless enthusiast, or do you prefer to receive traditional statements in the mail?

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Recognizing Our Biggest Champions: #ThankYouMom

June 19, 2015

Shaping, molding and nurturing one of our most important resources – our children – is no small feat, and is one that requires patience, perseverance and passion. Through countless hours, Canadian mothers play many different roles, whether it’s bringing a forgotten lunch to school, or cheering on a dedicated athlete at her track meet.

Sometimes, that athlete grows up and becomes an Olympian.

Meet Brianne Theisen-Eaton, an Olympian from London 2012. She holds the Canadian record for the indoor pentathlon with a score of 4768 points, and competes in the heptathlon and women’s pentathlon.

And meet Kim Theisen, her mom. “I did my best to be there for Brianne so that she could dedicate herself to the sport she loved. I relied on quality products for my family and taught Brianne to do the same.”

P&G’s #ThankYouMom campaign is about giving athletes an opportunity to thank their biggest champions – their moms. As a proud sponsor of moms, P&G products are used and trusted by moms every day so moms can focus on supporting their children.

This year, P&G has partnered with Athletics Canada to provide members of their team competing at the upcoming Pan Am and Parapan Am Games in Toronto and their moms an assortment of P&G products from brands like Tide, Bounty, Pantene and Gillette.

To learn more, please join us for the #ThankYouMom Twitter Chat on Monday, June 22 at 8pm EDT.
ThankYouMom Graphic v6We’ll be joined by very special guest Brianne Theisen-Eaton (@btheiseneaton), who’ll share her own experiences and examples of her mom’s support and selflessness throughout the years.

“I was honoured when P&G approached me to become involved in the Thank You Mom program,” says Theisen-Eaton. “This program gives me a chance to shine the spotlight on my mom – one of my biggest champions.”  (more…)

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We’re Ready for Fright Night with Cardinal Ready

June 19, 2015

NOTE: The following sampling opportunity is open to residents of Ontario, Canada only.

Spoiler Alert: The recipe for my Hawaiian Pork Tacos follows. You may want to stick around.
DSC_0966aFright Night. Think I’m taking about that b-rated film? Think again. I’m talking about those weekday nights when my husband works late, the kids have sports or swimming, I’ve got a Twitter Party and there’s NOTHING TO EAT.

Apparently, there’s more than one Fright Night chez Lena.

Our family’s dynamic has changed through the years. Whereas we used to enjoy casual, unhurried dinners (actually eaten at the dinner table), today our demanding jobs and activities pull us in different directions. My husband is in sales, so he’s often on the road or working late. My job has no set hours; I could be working at 5:30AM or 11:00PM, depending on the day. And often, I’m on Twitter at night (I know you know what I’m up to then). Ryder has soccer on Mondays and Reid has soccer on Wednesdays and they both have swimming on Thursdays. And yet somehow, the expectation is that I’ll produce a delicious, healthy meal that the entire family will love.

*Checking to make sure I signed up for this. Sigh, apparently it’s indeed part of being a mom.*

I try my hardest to avoid the lure of the “dial-a-dinner”. Take-out is easy! One phone call, a few bucks for a tip, et voila! The whole family is fed. The trouble is, the only takeout the whole family can agree on is pizza, and families cannot live on pizza alone.  (more…)

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Love to Travel? Love Cash? Join the #TravelCash Twitter Chat!

June 16, 2015

We like to travel. A LOT. And with each and every trip, the list comes out.

My husband hates the list.

The list includes everything that we need to oversee, pack and manage before we leave for the airport. I create a spreadsheet, assign responsibilities, and include a column for ticking off once complete. It may sound incredibly cumbersome (or, to quote the husband, “overkill”) but I’ve been that mom. You know, the mom who realizes that she forgot to pack baby wipes. Or hairspray. Or birth control.

You’ve met my second son Reid, right? Ri-ight.
20140819_115521 (2)But if there’s one thing we always forget to do, it’s visit the bank to exchange our currency. Yes, it’s on the list, but it often gets overlooked or marked “later” during the flurry of activity. And then, more often than not, I find myself glaring at my husband as we rush to find last-minute foreign currency. Surely there has to be an easier way?

THERE IS! Introducing CIBC Foreign Cash Online. This incredibly convenient service allows me to order the currency I need online (yes! online!) before I travel – and the money is delivered straight to my door.  (more…)

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We’ll Clean Up at the Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games!

June 16, 2015

When I think of sports, I think of laundry. No, really!

Before you laugh, hear me out! I have two mini athletes at home. Future soccer stars, I like to call them. And when they play, they play hard. Slides. Tumbles. Air kicks. Rolls. Once in a while, they even make contact with the actual soccer ball. Go team!

Of course, that’s all good and fine when they’re on the field, but when they come home… that’s when I take over. Straight to the washing machine we go! So, sports and laundry… you do see the connection now, yes?

Maytag Canada, a Whirlpool brand, is bringing its iconic powerful and dependable laundry appliances to the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, providing washers and dryers to ensure athletes not only perform at their best, but look great too. As the Official Appliance and Athlete Laundry Services Supplier for the Games, Maytag will equip all athlete residences with laundry rooms in the CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletes’ Village, amounting to over 400 washers and dryers.
KyleJonesMeet Kyle Jones (pictured above). Kyle has been a member of Canada’s National Triathlon Team since 2006, winning the Canadian Junior title in 2003 which sparked a move to Victoria, BC to train at the National Training Centre. In 2012 he won his first Canadian Senior title, his first ITU World Cup title, and represented Canada at the Olympic Games in London. Since then, he has added two more National titles, a World Cup silver medal, and most recently represented Canada at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. He’s also the proud recipient of a Maytag sponsorship.

High five, Kyle! I’m a Maytag enthusiast too.

The proud owner of a Maytag Maxima XL Front Load Steam Washer and Maytag Maxima XL HE Steam Dryer, I rely on the appliances to keep my boys’ uniforms clean, bright and sanitized. Because Maytag understands performance counts, their appliances are made to withstand heavy use while delivering consistent performance.  (more…)

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Love Your Environment: #GreenWhereYouLive

June 14, 2015

I love the city. I love the hustle, the energy and most of all, knowing that I live and work in a world-class metropolis that is teeming with intellectuals, artists and cultural icons. I love the cuisine, the retail therapy, and the opportunity to seize each day with gusto. Toronto, you have my heart.

Alas, if I had to critique just one thing about this urban oasis, it would be my desire to see more greenery. And I’m not alone – a recent TD Environment survey found more than half of Canadians (56 per cent) feel most connected to the environment when they spend time at a local park or other green space. Understandably, this is hard to find in the heart of a metropolitan city – especially one as developed as Toronto.

So, you’ve heard of pop-up shops, yes? How about pop-up parks?

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) has set out to transform six urban concrete lots across Canada into temporary green spaces. Each park will offer up to five days of free community programming, such as educational workshops, fitness classes and live musical performances.
TD FEF 25 - Surrey Pop-Up Park (3)Expect to be surrounded by native grasses and trees. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and recharge on log seating. Spend a few moments enjoying outdoor activities. Watch as urban communities across the country get a little greener!

“We know that green spaces are vital to our well-being and our communities,” said Mary Desjardins, Executive Director, TD FEF. “These pop-up parks are designed to surprise and delight visitors, and to bring to life the benefits of healthy, vibrant green spaces. Plus, what better way to celebrate 25 years of TD FEF than by bringing parks to people?” Indeed!  (more…)

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Pamper Yourself! Tips for At-Home Summer Foot Care

June 12, 2015

NOTE: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only. 

Summer is when feet step into the spotlight, after a long winter spent under wraps. Celebrity nail technician Tom Bachik – the talent behind the most beautiful feet to walk the Hollywood red carpet – has teamed up with Dr. Scholl’s to help Canadians get ready for sandal season!

Teaser alert: giveaway coming up!
Giveaway visual (2)When it comes to foot care, Canadian women have room to improve: according to a recent survey, as many as 4 in 10 have never had a pedicure! Meanwhile, almost half (44%) of those who have had a pedicure admit that at least a year has gone by since their last experience. I admit, I count myself in this camp – I simply don’t make the time, when I really know I should.

Everybody’s feet deserve a little TLC. The average person can take as many as 10,000 steps per day, during which the feet absorb two to three times the body’s weight. Trendy high-heeled footwear puts added pressure on the ball of the foot and causes a shift in posture that can be harmful to the joints. The right foot care habits target more than just beauty – they can help prevent common problems like corns, calluses and bunions, as well as more serious concerns.

“Our feet are often neglected and suffer from stress and abuse in our day-to-day routines. Regular footcare not only helps our feet feel better, but helps us feel better overall,” said Tom Bachik. “For me, a complete look – whether at the beach or on the red carpet – involves attention to detail. And nothing completes your style like a beautiful pedicure.”  (more…)

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Help With the Hard Part: Your Plan. Your Way.

June 11, 2015

It’s been exactly six months since I joined Weight Watchers. If you’ve been following my journey (see Help with the Hard Part and When the Hard Part is Easy), you’ll know that I made a commitment to conquer my “hard parts”:

1. It’s hard to separate hunger from boredom. 10:00 PM snacking is “a thing”.
2. It’s hard to say no to leftover cheesecake.
3. It’s hard to fit in exercise when I work 14-hour days.
4. It’s hard to stay on track when eating out and cooking for picky eaters.
5. It’s hard to eat well without feeling completely and utterly deprived of delicious food.

With the help of Weight Watchers, I did it. I conquered them.

Now I won’t leave you in suspense – I did reach my goal of 20-pound weight loss. And I attribute a large portion of my success to the new 24/7 Expert Chat. Coaches who have successfully lost weight on Weight Watchers are available to subscribers through 24/7 Expert Chat for instant advice on how to get started, get back on track, and stay motivated.  This new feature is available to all Weight Watchers subscribers through online and mobile chat, 24 hours per day, seven days a week!

Yet, I stalled in publishing this 6-month check-in photo. Maybe it’s the old insecurities creeping in; maybe it’s just hard to put oneself out there for judgement. But after thinking about all I’ve accomplished, and how I got here in a healthy, habit-changing way, I’m throwing caution to the wind.

Screw it – I’M HOT! I LOVE MY NEW LOOK!wwOkay, so I’ll never get rid of the Kardashian hips (I’m not sure I want to) and I’m okay with a little tummy action too (I was totally sucking in my stomach here), but all in all, I feel confident, pretty and most of all, healthy. I feel like a 37-year old mom of two who’s on top of her game (albeit slightly sunburned). To be honest, I feel a little giddy.  (more…)

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From Boardroom to Bar to… Boardwalk? YES!

June 10, 2015

*BUMPING* because 99% of Style&co merchandise is now on sale! You can grab the looks below for 30-60% off the regular price – and summer hasn’t even begun! Start shopping.

I know you’ve heard the term “double-duty” fashion, or “it takes you from boardroom to bar” (translation: day to night). But what if you require outfits for:

a) a professional conference
b) a cocktail party
c) a special occasion brunch
d) a day in a theme park

Where should you shop? For me, I love Style&co. Available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay, they offer stylish, on trend, and most importantly, affordable pieces that will allow you to effortlessly create a summer makeover!

And today, I’m so pleased to show you a variety of easy, casual chic, and office-appropriate summer looks that are at the top of my rotation, especially while I was in Orlando for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration! Yep… these outfits were modeled on location from my hotel room, at the resort, and of course, in the parks!
DSC_0892First, every mom needs a pair of Tummy Control Capri Pants. They have a control panel that helps smooth the silhouette; however, they’re not overly constrictive and are actually quite comfy to wear. Dress them up with a blouse for the office, or pair them with a tee for a weekend of shopping or lunch with the family. The capris feature a 5-pocket style and are available in 3 colours!
DSC_0895I chose to go casual-chic with a simple white Style&co tee with a scoop neck and woven cap sleeves. And to drop the “office” feel, I can simply switch out for these Drawstring Cargo Roll Up Capris in “Titanium”. I wore this exact outfit at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and felt both stylish and comfortable! (The pendant necklace above is the GUESS Double Heart And Crystal Fireball Pendant Necklace.)  (more…)

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Skeeter Syndrome.

June 9, 2015

If you’ve been visiting my site on and off for the past two weeks, you may have noticed that I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. The truth is, I’ve been attending to Ryder, my sweet 7-year old, who has discovered a new nemesis in life. And the biggest problem with this particular opponent is that they outnumber him about ten billion to one.

It’s the mosquito.

It all started last October, when he was bitten in Mexico. The bite on his hand, which seemed innocuous enough, started out like any other bug bite – a small, itchy swelling. However, within 12 hours, Ryder’s entire hand was swollen, hot and painful, and it worried me enough to call in the resort doctor, who prescribed an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic to reduce the symptoms. And it worked! So we continued our vacation, and upon returning home I mentioned it to my doctor, who didn’t seem to think it was a cause for concern.
FullSizeRender (2)^^ That’s Ryder with his Hulk hand back in Mexico. I often marvel at children’s ability to stay bright and positive through the most distressing circumstances. He’s such a trooper!

Fast forward to a week and half ago, when Ryder was bitten over the eye. His entire face swelled up within hours, and since the eye is such a delicate (and integral) area of the face, we took him straight to the emergency room of our local hospital. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when the doctors immediately admitted Ryder to the hospital and hooked him up to an IV! It turns out that whenever anything involves the eye, they don’t take chances; they started him on antibiotics prophylactically and gave him an antihistamine around the clock. Three days later, he was released from the hospital.  (more…)

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