How I Fell in Love Again: A 4K Story

At the tender age of fourteen… I fell in love. With baseball.

You may recognize the year – 1992 – and you’ll probably recognize these names, too: Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, Juan Guzman and Kelly Gruber. These were the men I followed; I knew their batting averages and on base percentage. I celebrated every home run, every run batted in, every base on balls. I held them to the highest standard. My role model (and even my first crush) could be found in that 40-man roster.
World SeriesI followed the boys of summer straight through to their World Series Championship win that fall, and again the following year, when they repeated the feat. By the time I saw Joe Carter jumping up and down for the second time, I was already a bona fide baseball superfan.

Now I want to say that I continued to obsess over the Blue Jays, even as they spent years trying to rebuild a championship team, but the simple truth is that I was a teenager and I had more pressing issues (cough, boys) to attend to. 

So the years went on, and while I didn’t camp out in front of my television to watch every game, I tried to keep an eye on the standings. However, the love affair waned and one day, I couldn’t name a single player on the team.
FullSizeRender-5Fast forward to 2016. My friends at Rogers offered me the opportunity to experience an ultra high viewing experience with a Samsung 4K SUHD TV and a Rogers NextBox 4K. I’ll never forget watching the home opener with my friends and family – long forgotten acronyms came tumbling into my mind and I began to speak in strange tongues –

They’re not playing textbook baseball if they’re counting on big hits vs. trying to advance the runner. That ball should have been bunted along the first base line, plain and simple, because if he can move that player up to third a sac fly will bring him home.

My guests looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears.

What? I said. Haven’t you seen a chick who digs baseball?

The old, feverish excitement was once again taking hold of me. Before the top of the ninth inning, I was already checking the schedule for the next day’s game. It’s all thanks to a life in 4K, of course.

Now I know I’ve touted the benefits of 4K programming before, and one year later, I am just as enthusiastic. With sports in 4K, I can enjoy an even wider range of brilliant and vibrant colours enhanced to be so lifelike, they make everything I watch seem real. Ultra HD viewing means I can see every intricate detail on the screen clearer than ever, bringing the stadium into my living room. And when you’re that close to the action… you can’t help but fall in love all over again.

Is this the year you experience life in 4K? Check out the NextBox 4K PVR. Catch every minute of the action in stunning 4K detail, plus, start watching a show in one room and finish it in another with Whole Home PVR. With the NextBox 4K PVR, you can:

– Record up to 8 programs at once.
– Store up to 90 hours of 4K content, or up to 240 hours of HD.
– Catch the game live or record it with dedicated 4K sports channels.

I’m writing this post as I watch the Blue Jays take on the Orioles – it’s the tenth straight game I’ve caught this season. (Dear Jays: I’m gonna need a couple of W’s, stat. You’re killing me here.) I can see the sweat on the pitcher’s brow. I can hear the vendor offering up peanuts and cold beer.

I know why I’m here, watching the game, cheering on the boys in blue (and sometimes, red). It’s because you always remember your first love.
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