When You Spring into Action… There’s No Stopping Them!

Last week, I shared details about the Erin Mills Town Centre “Spring into Action” Sports & Camps Show. If you’ll recall, the single most motivating factor for my own attendance was the convenience of signing up the boys for spring and summer activities – all at one time, all in one place.

We were not disappointed.

With a record exhibitor turnout (the show was packed with 40 vendors!), enthusiastic Mississauga residents had a chance to meet the organizers, ask questions, take advantage of special offers (more on that later!) and most importantly, introduce their children to sports and activities that may not have been on their radar… like fencing! Yes, FENCING!
IMG_4414Here’s why the Erin Mills Town Centre “Spring Into Action” Sports & Camps Show was a success:

1. Easy Access to Information. Every parent craves information, especially when signing up their children for extra-curricular activities. However, it’s safe to say that if you’ve ever tried to navigate a local sports organization’s website… well, it’s not necessarily the most user-friendly experience. So, rather than searching through a list of FAQs, I was able to bring my questions directly to the representatives. It saved time and frustration, and of course, allowed me to get the answers I needed! 
IMG_44122. Up Close and Personal. I can’t stress the importance of bringing your child to an event like this, because it gives them a first-hand look at the sports and activities before they sign up. There were live demos, meet and greets, testimonials from current members and more, which we found very helpful in determining if the sport/ activity was a good fit for our boys.

3. Learning What’s New. We ran into the organizers from activities that the boys are already part of, such as their soccer league and LEGO robotics summer camp. We had a chance to chat about what was new for spring/summer 2017, giving the boys something to look forward to.
IMG_44194. Special Deals and Discounts. I think this was our biggest win! We had been toying with the idea of putting the boys in martial arts, but their already-packed schedule made it difficult to find the motivation to fit it in. However, at the show, we came across one of the academies we had shortlisted and found that they had a show promo: 50% off for the first three months! Now you *know* I can’t resist a deal; it was all I needed to sign them up on the spot.
IMG_4426The boys attended their very first class this past Monday and LOVED it! If we hadn’t attended the show, I guarantee we would have still been dragging our feet. I’m so happy we made this happen for the boys!

5. Family Fun. In addition to the vendors, there were tons of activities for the family – arts and crafts, food samples, sporting games and more. A few of the vendors even incorporated a little fun into their displays – YMCA Day Camps of the Greater Toronto Area gave away prizes (and a promotional discount!) to those who visited their booth. Our little guy won a water bottle and was thrilled.
IMG_4437All in all, I must commend Erin Mills Town Centre for hosting a fabulous event. If you live in Peel Region, be on the lookout for next year’s “Spring Into Action” Sports & Camps Show and make it a priority to attend!

This post was sponsored by Erin Mills Town Centre. The opinions on this blog, as always, are my own.