Snacking Just Got Fresher!

This work-at-home mom is on the go.

Sure, I spend a fair bit of time in my home office, but I’m also, well, all over the place. Client meetings and radio segments. School drop offs and pickups. Errands, photo shoots, press events, media trips.

Did I mention I’m a snacker? The most serious kind, too.
_DSC1547bI love to snack. Who doesn’t? It keeps hunger pangs at bay between meals and gives me that second wind I desperately need, especially mid-morning. (Yes, I would vote to make “elevensies” a thing.) But not just any snack will do – for me, the perfect noshing food is delicious, packed with quality ingredients and most importantly, contains important nutrients such as protein, fibre and a whole lot of whole grains. And, if it’s equally easy to sneak in my crossbody bag as it is to pack in the kids’ lunch, we’ll call it a winner. 

Introducing Harvest Bakes by Country Harvest – quite possibly the most perfect snacking food.
_DSC1556bThree PM snack attack? Why not pull out a fresh-baked Canadian Wild Blueberry with Flax Seeds & Rolled Oats Harvest Bake. It’s made with real fruit and contains no artificial flavours or colours! Plus, with 15g of whole grains and and 5g of fibre, you know it will keep you going until dinner. I’ve stashed one of these fabulous flatbread-esque bakes in my handbag for the last week (bonus points for portability!) and let me tell you, they are just as delicious enjoyed straight up as they are toasted with a little butter or jam. (When I’m at home, of course – I don’t own a take-along toaster… yet.)

Now if savoury is more your thing, Super Seedy & Quinoa with Sunflower, Flax, Pumpkin and Chia Seeds Harvest Bakes are… life affirming. Pair one with garlicky hummus, fresh cucumber and a drizzle of olive oil – yum!
_DSC1551abHarvest Bakes are also available in Canadian Apple & Cinnamom With Raisins. I would have posted a picture of them, but… I ate all four in two days. However, that’s a strong endorsement for their deliciousness, yes?

So, let’s recap. Fresh-baked with real, better-for-you ingredients. Portable so you can snack anytime, anywhere. Scrumptious straight out of the bag or just as tempting when toasted, spread or dipped. There is literally no wrong way to enjoy this wholesome, filling square of bready goodness. Ladies and gentlemen, snacking just got fresher.

Find Harvest Bakes by Country Harvest at your local grocery store in the bakery section. And loop back and tell me what you think! I know you’ll love them as much as I do. Serious snackers unite!

This post is sponsored by Country Harvest. The opinions on this blog, as always, are my own.