Hashtag, No Sick Days

Smack in the middle of what seems to be the worst cold and flu season – well, EVER – I know some of y’all may be thinking, No Sick Days? Don’t even go there Lena.

I get it. Everyone I know is sick, has been sick, or is getting over being sick. And just in case you’re wondering, heck yes I was sick, too. (It took a full 10 days to recover!) In Canada, seasonal flu activity begins as early as September and continues until late May, affecting a large percentage of the population.

My entire family got the flu shot almost as soon as it was available. I’ve practiced obsessive hand- washing and other virus-evasion techniques, including, but not limited to, holding my breath until I almost turned blue to navigate a checkout lane filled with hideous hackers. I’ve sanitized surfaces, avoided crowded malls and declined invitations to all non-essential events.

And then I took a 9-day vacation with my family. Two airplane rides, three hotels, one cruise ship.

65,000 people at the happiest place on earth.
16465433_1623753451266724_6140890307916464128_nOh yeah, I was due to wave that white flag.

So here’s the scoop. I was down, but never out. I managed my cold to the best of my abilities, using a few tried and true methods. Need relief from your cold and flu symptoms? Here’s what you can do. 

1. See a doctor. The sooner the better. There is a very real concern about hospital bed shortages (especially in Ontario) due to this aggressive flu season – so the last thing you want to do is end up in emerg. A doctor can confirm if you have a viral or bacterial infection, as there are different treatment options for each. If it’s a viral infection like the common cold or flu, read on! If it’s a bacterial infection, fill that prescription for antibiotics and take rest.

2. Manage your daytime symptoms. If you’re a mom, you don’t get a day off, ever. And there are a million different things I need to do today besides dealing with cold and flu symptoms. That’s why I use DayQuil COMPLETE. It’s my go-to!
IMG_20170302_150314677It helps to temporarily alleviate cold and flu symptoms including:

– Nasal/ sinus congestion and pain
– Chest congestion and cough due to cold
– Sore throat pain
– Headache and other minor aches
– Fever

3. Get a good night’s sleep. It sounds reasonable, but if you’re battling cold and flu symptoms, you know that nighttime can be a struggle. If nasal congestion or sinus congestion and pressure are depriving you of a restful night, turn to Vicks NyQuil COMPLETE for relief of nasal congestion, cough due to cold, headache, fever, sore throat pain and runny and sneezy nose.
IMG_20170302_145159099I’ve been using NyQuil Cold & Flu for years to help alleviate my cold symptoms, including cough due to cold, runny nose, sore throat pain and more. It’s a no-brainer: I need to be on my game during the day – even when I’m sick – so I’m thankful to have a go-to cold, cough and flu medicine this season.

4. Steam, saline, salt-water gargles. Or the three “S’s”, if you please. From my own experience, aggressively beginning a rotation of warm steam (such as the vapours from a hot shower or humidifier), a saline nasal rinse and a salt-water gargle – as soon as cold symptoms are present – go a long way to stave off more serious effects. There’s nothing sexy about shooting saline up your nostrils or singing the alphabet as you gargle, but trust me, it works.

5. Take care of yourself. Perhaps you’ll need to sneak in an afternoon nap or grab takeout for the family. Whatever it takes, concentrate on getting better and then catch up – you’ll actually feel better sooner if you give yourself the R&R you need for recuperation.

This cold and flu season, I wish you #NoSickDays! For more information, visit www.vicks.ca and www.facebook.com/VicksCanada. To ensure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label. Keep out of reach of children.

I created this post as a paid ambassador for Vicks. All opinions and advice are my own and I only showcase companies and/or products I genuinely use and endorse.