Smooth Move: Is it Time to go Glycolic?

If you haven’t heard of Glycolic Acid, chances are, you’re missing out on the secret to smooth skin.

But first, what is it? Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a family of naturally occurring mild acids that work as exfoliants. Remember those sharp, beady scrubs you grew up with? Same principle, except there’s no manual scrubbing component. Instead, by speeding up the skin’s own natural shedding process (which slows down as we age), they encourage the skin to slough off dead cells, allowing newer ones to reach the surface more quickly and evenly. Glycolic acid, the AHA of choice, is a discriminatory exfoliator, as it only affects the dead cells.

Did you hear that? Science, friends.

The small molecular size of Glycolic acid makes it effective in removing the build-up of dead cells on the surface of the skin.

So, do you need Glycolic acid in your life? It really depends. If you have uneven, dull or flaky skin, the answer is yes. If the texture of your skin is rough or “ruddy” to the touch, it’s a yes, again. If you’re looking to reveal your skin’s radiance and decrease the look of fine lines, DEFINITELY yes.
FullSizeRender (2)Here’s where to start. Introducing NeoStrata Glycolic Renewal Antioxidant Smoothing Serum. Harnessing the exfoliating power of Glycolic Acid, as well as the antioxidant protection of Lipochroman, NeoStrata’s new Glycolic Renewal Antioxidant Smoothing Serum “works like a daily fitness regimen for your skin, revealing smoother, more radiant skin while protecting against external aggressions.” 

The potent formula includes:

– 10% Glycolic Acid
– Lipochroman, a patented powerful antioxidant derived from Vitamin E
– 2% hibiscus extract

Now, even though the Serum is compatible with all existing skin care routines, including those containing glycolic acid, it is always recommended to build skin tolerance slowly when using products containing this AHA. My rule of thumb? Try the product every other night for first two weeks. This will allow your skin to gradually build up tolerance to the product. Then, you can try once a day (either morning or night) going forward. If you experience skin sensitivity, rest the regime for a day or two and re-start the every other night ritual for another two weeks.

NeoStrata Glycolic Renewal Antioxidant Smoothing Serum is now available at all major drugstores across Canada, at a suggested retail price of $49.00 for 30ml.

Tell me: have you ever tried an Alpha Hydroxy Acid? What was your result?

This post is sponsored by the distributor of NeoStrata. The opinions on this blog, as always, are my own.