Marvelous Garnier Whole Blends Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Garnier Whole Blends, the opinions and language are my own.

It’s my own personal tradition. Each January, I’ll make a list of ways to better myself throughout the year. Often it’s as simple as trying to get more sleep. Sometimes, it’s a little more ambitious: learning a new language, honing a culinary skill or exploring our diverse ecosystem.

This year, I’m focused on incorporating wholesome rituals that enhance my well-being.
_DSC1063Strolling. Not walking, not jogging… just… strolling. Taking time to smell the roses and ponder the meaning of life. (Or, just escaping the chaos of having two rambunctious little boys.) I spend a lot of time on a schedule, constantly checking the clock while I rush through my day. This year, my plan is to download my favourite tunes, slip on cute loafers (check!) and go for many leisurely strolls. 

A Cup of Tea. I’m a coffee drinker, plain and simple. However, coffee is a means to get me charged up for the day; I view a cup of tea as a way to wind down, to relax. For the last few weeks, I’ve made time to simply sit by a window and enjoy a cup of herbal tea. It’s done wonders to increase my clarity and reduce the day’s stress. It’s a tradition I look forward to continuing.

Travel. I’ll continue to explore the world around me, offering my children a chance to familiarize with and learn from diverse cultures and religions. It’s a priority for me to teach my children respect and tolerance for all the earth’s peoples, and there’s no better way to exercise this than to travel.

Pretty Things. I don’t always take time to appreciate pretty things. This year, I’ll pick up flowers for the home – just because. I’ll wear clothes that make me feel confident and select jewelry to brighten my mood. Most importantly, I’ll use hair and beauty products that invigorate my senses and heighten feelings of well-being, just like –

Whole Blends. I’ve had the privilege to indulge in a sensorial experience with the NEW Garnier Whole Blends Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils blend. Rich in Omega 6 and Vitamin E, the products offer a beautifully light and fragrant perfume, turning the chore of washing my hair into a ritual. In fact, it’s impossible to rush through a shower while lathering my locks in these two precious oils, and slowing down to enjoy the moment fits in perfectly with my goals for 2017.
_DSC1066Of course, in addition to its intoxicating scent, my hair is smooth, shiny and full of bounce. And when you’re picking up the Marvelous Shampoo and Marvelous Balm Conditioner, don’t forget the Marvelous Oil! It can be used anytime on any hair type to soften and smooth. I love spritzing it on before blow drying to protect against heat damage. All Garnier Whole Blends products are Paraben Free and contain Natural Extracts.

(You can also try the NEW Legendary Olive blend! It’s formulated using Virgin Olive Oil an Olive Leaf Extract which works to restore dried out, sensitized hair.)

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And now, I’m off to dream of travel and warm weather strolls. Here’s to a wholesome 2017!