5 Steps to the Perfect #PizzaNight!

Tell me, when was the last time you celebrated… pizza night?
_DSC1088I know, I know. The script usually looks like this:

OMG I’m working late and junior has hockey practice… let’s make it a pizza night.
We have no food! We need to do a grocery run – but not tonight. Let’s do pizza.
I literally CAN’T. Too tired. Won’t cook. Pizza night it is.

See? Pizza is normally treated like a second-class citizen; universally relied on for its deliciousness, broad appeal and affordability… yet never fully given the appreciation it deserves. 

Today, I’m here to say, no one puts pizza in a corner. (Unless it’s to hide the leftovers for yourself. Because, kids.)
_DSC1092It’s time to celebrate PIZZA! Loved by everyone from picky toddlers to epicurean elitists, it’s quite possibly the perfect food. And on February 9, 2017, pizza lovers from across Canada will celebrate National Pizza Day. This year, I want you to get in on the festivities! So, I’m pleased to offer Five Steps to the Perfect Pizza Night Party. Using these tips, you can host your own shindig on February 9th – or, on any night of the week!

Step One. Stock up with the right décor. This is an easy one; simple things like a checked tablecloth, red, white or green napkins (think colours of the Italian flag) and disposable plates and cutlery are the smart way to keep it simple. Plus, you can always have them on hand if the mood to have a pizza night strikes! Your local party supply store is a great place to find the items you need.

Step Two. Always have pizza on hand. We LOVE Delissio Pizzeria Vintage Pizza. It’s the official pizza of #PizzaNight! And with so many amazing flavours (like kid-friendly Pepperoni), it’s a delicious and convenient way to indulge in a little cheesy goodness.
_DSC1082Now you may be thinking, really, Lena? Frozen pizza? And the answer is, YES. 100% yes! This great-tasting line is inspired by the traditions of authentic pizzerias; the crisp and airy crust is drizzled with olive oil, and the toppings are free of artificial flavours. Trust me, it’s the frozen pizza you’ve been waiting for!

Step Three. Balance your palate. Pizza will be the main attraction, no doubt – but every star needs a supporting cast. Alongside your pizza, serve crisp salad, fresh fruit or a warm, rustic soup (I recommend tomato bisque – great for dipping pizza crusts!), or another side dish of your choice. I normally have fruit juice on hand for the kids, and a little pink champagne for the adults. It IS a celebration, after all!
_DSC1109Step Four. Sharing is caring… and pizza is the perfect shareable food. Invite your friends and family to pop by for pizza night. You’ll knock their socks off when they see how you’ve elevated this humble party food favourite – and maybe inspire a return invitation for their pizza night! (nudge, nudge – wink, wink!)
_DSC1100Step Five. Vow to make it a tradition. Once you have the party supplies/ décor on hand and Delissio Pizzeria Vintage in the freezer, there’s nothing stopping you from Random Acts of Pizza Night (RAOPN). Yes, pizza is a convenient way to feed the family on those eventful weeknights or weekends when you’re too tired to cook. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate its perfection! Host your own pizza night party every chance you get. Life is short – EAT PIZZA!
_DSC1102Love what you see? This Thursday, February 9th, don’t forget to show off your own pizza night celebrations! Upload a photo to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag @Delissio and use the hashtag #PizzaNight. I’d love to see what you come up with!

For now, I’m off to enjoy the last piece of pizza… until the next pizza night!

This post is sponsored by Nestle. The opinions on this blog, as always, are my own.