Love It or List It? The Case for Decision-Making Renos

Next July, we will have been in our home for 10 years.

Our home was supposed to be a “starter home”. The first real estate purchase as an entry point into the market; a tidy semi-detached house in the suburbs that would be a stepping stone to a more expansive property down the road.

Except, while we were unpacking boxes and re-stocking kitchen cabinets, I was running to the bathroom with bouts of sickness.

Folks, I am a statistic. We conceived a honeymoon baby.

Suddenly, the dark hardwood we had selected for our main floor was doomed to show scratches from children’s toys. The expensive, hand-woven berber carpet on the second floor would no doubt be victim to spills and stains. The money we had spent on builder upgrades – oh, all the upgrades! – should have been spent on strollers and diapers. However, we had no choice but to plough ahead, effectively turning our starter home into our “TBD” home.
img_1343It didn’t make sense to move. The boys were growing and the house grew old with them. As predicted, the hardwood floors became scuffed and the carpet bore stains. But, we also put a lot of love into the home, finishing the basement, landscaping the front and updating the back with a stamped concrete patio.

And every so often, we got the itch to move. 

Our first Love it or List it moment came before we finished the basement. Our second, just before we updated our backyard. And just like clockwork, we’re back to that feeling of “should we or shouldn’t we move”… which means it’s time for a home renovation.

Replacing the berber carpet with hardwood flooring has long been on our to do list, but we’ve always had one thing or another holding us back. First, we decided it would be good to let the boys crawl around on soft carpet vs. hard flooring. Then, when they became so curious and clumsy, we thought it was best to ride out the toddler years. Finally, we wanted the boys to be mature enough not to scratch (read: destroy) the flooring.

And just like that… in the fall of 2016… it was the perfect time to make the change. With the help of The Home Depot Canada, we made it happen.
cvjmhppwcaekl8jSettling on the perfect hardwood flooring – even when you’re simply matching one floor to the next – is not a quick and simple process. There are many variables that can influence the colour, type and price of the flooring you choose. Once we decided to go full speed ahead, we immediately realized that there were several factors that needed to be considered. Stay tuned, as I’ll be back to share my Top Five Factors When Selecting Hardwood Flooring.

hdHas renovating your house postponed your decision to move? Have you ever been on the brink of listing your home… but just couldn’t pull the trigger? Let me know in the comments.

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Canada. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.