Seize the Summer: Muskoka Sports and Recreation

This summer, if you live in Ontario, or are visiting Ontario, I want you to do two things:

1) Book a stay at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa.
2) Make a reservation (or two, or three) with Muskoka Sports and Recreation.

Muskoka Sports and Recreation is JW Marriott’s premier partner in Muskoka, offering recreational activities, rentals and lessons to guests of the resort. And if you’re going to be spending time on the stunning Lake Rosseau, it’s only wise to make the most of the scenic natural surroundings. Included in your resort fee: bike rentals, canoeing. family lawn games, kayaking, pedal boating, stand-up paddle boarding and of course, the kid-favourite water slide. What more could you ask for?

Well, how about water skiing? Or tubing on the crisp, cool waters? Maybe you want to slow down the pace with a little fishing, or take a private boat tour of Lake Rosseau. Muskoka Sports and Recreation offers all this, and more.

You’ll find their friendly, knowledgeable staff down by the deck, and if you’ve made reservations for your water adventure, you’re just moments away from reuniting with nature. The representatives on site are mostly students and young adults, but surprisingly, they display poise and professionalism with a flawlessly courteous manner. It is evident that Daniel Arcand, General Manager of Muskoka Sports and Recreation, has been diligent in his selection of seasonal employees; it was a pleasure interacting with the staff from start to finish.

On our recent summer stay at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa, we were treated to a Tube Run and an Ice Cream Pontoon Boat Cruise. Since I can’t seem to select from the 100+ gorgeous photos I took on the boat cruise, I decided it was probably best to split my posts in two. Hence, today, I’ll chat about our Tube Run.

First and foremost, tubing on the lake is exactly as fun as it sounds! As the boys are 4 and 6, they’re at a perfect age to enjoy a thrilling ride on open water. Of course, since Ryder is always a *tad* resistant to new things (read: scared sh*tless), I’m super proud of him for making the effort. And Reid? Total beast mode, as always.

We made our way down to the deck on a partly cloudy, hot summer day. Of course, when this is your view –

Muskoka Sports and RecreationYou’re already winning. (Side note: I don’t believe it’s possible to not love the stunning Lake Rosseau.) 

Upon arriving, we signed the necessary paperwork and went through the information for the tube run. A glance around the lake showed a flurry of activity – I could almost caption the next photo, “How many sports and recreation activities can you spot?”

Muskoka Sports and RecreationTweens and teens paddle boarding. Children fishing off the deck. Wee ones taking turns on the inflatable water slide. Families swimming in the lake. Couples kayaking. Sun worshipers relaxing in Muskoka chairs. Parents opening beach umbrellas. Friends canoeing. Kids bouncing on the aqua trampoline. Oh my!

The next photo clearly demonstrates the boys’ level of enthusiasm when asked if they were ready to go tubing. (My husband joined them on the tube run as the boys are not proficient swimmers and of course, we wanted Ryder to feel comfortable. As for me? I enjoyed a leisurely ride on the boat.)

Muskoka Sports and RecreationOkay boys, group photo before the water fun begins! Information about the Tube Run: “Tubing is a fun water activity that you can do with friends and family. Enjoy a 15 minute run with up to 3 people.” You can find the full summer recreation schedule at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa here.

Muskoka Sports and RecreationThe tow boat maxed at about 10-15 km/hr, which felt very leisurely to me, but my husband, who had to straddle the tube, secure the boys and contend with the choppy lake waters, assured me it was quite the thrill. As we pulled away from the resort, I was offered scenic views of the hotel, which overlooks Lake Rosseau with incredible splendour. Of course, my eyes were trained on my three guys bobbing in the tube behind! Muskoka Sports and RecreationThe fifteen-minute run is the perfect amount of time to enjoy the wind and water. The lake temperature varies between 10°C and 18°C during the summer months, so the cool spray is welcome on hot days but can be uncomfortable if the weather is anything but unbearably warm. For all water activities with Muskoka Sports and Recreation, it is recommended that you make a reservation ahead of time. So, what did the boys think of the tube run?

Muskoka Sports and Recreation Muskoka Sports and RecreationSpecial thanks to Muskoka Sports and Recreation for suggesting a tube run – it was one of the highlights of our stay! In addition to tubing, Muskoka Sports and Recreation also offers:

Private Tow Sport Clinic: A private hour long clinic to hone your waterskiing, wakeboarding, wake-surfing, wake-skating and knee-boarding or tubing skills.

Waterski/Wakeboard Run: Get out on the water with an experienced boat driver and enjoy a single run around the lake. Prior experience is necessary.

Waterski/Wakeboard Lesson: Whether you’re a first timer or just need some pointers, skilled instructors deliver a quick lesson on the dock and pointers along your run. Young children receive special instruction for getting up!

Introduction to Fishing: A guided fishing experience focussing on the basics of casting, fishing techniques and fish habitat. Participants 18 to 65 years old require fishing license; available online. $145 per hour includes guide, 16’ fishing boat with 9.9 hp and equipment for up to three people.

I’ll be back shortly to share some breathtaking photos from our Pontoon Boat Cruise. Until then, live a little! Try a tube run with Muskoka Sports and Recreation.