Urban Barn #livein: Dining Room Reveal

Note: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only. 

The war against the inhospitable home is complete, and a winner has been declared… it’s me, of course!

This spring, I challenged the notion of a couch condom and waged war against the blueprint. Then, with the help of Urban Barn, I redesigned my dining room into a space that we can #livein. The goal: achieving an area where we can enjoy our meals, spend time together as a family, help the little guys with homework, whip out a laptop or tablet, colour and get crafty, mix cookie dough… in essence, creating a room that is full of zest and happiness – not one that exists solely on display.

A short while ago, I shared with y’all my picks for my brand new, functional living room. And today, I’m so happy to post my big reveal! TA-DA! This is my über modern, über gorgeous and über functional dining room, courtesy of the decor gods at Urban Barn.

Urban Barn #liveinPictured Above: Chateau Extension Dining Table $1,399.00; Chateau Bench $499.00; Wylan Dinnerware Set $79.00; Sensa Candles $9.00 – $12.00; Echo Wall Clock $249.00; Vintage Pillar Candleholders $19.00 each; Ashworth Wine Rack $39.00; Miko Collection – Orange $12.00 per piece; Chateau Sideboard $1,199.00; Brigette Vases $22.00 – $36.00; Rooster Menu Board $26.00 

“Creating a living space your family can actually “live in” requires versatile furnishings that provide homeowners with the flexibility to use the area for a number of different activities,” says Candice Laughlin, architecture & home design expert, Urban Barn.

Urban Barn #livein
Urban Barn #livein
Urban Barn #liveinChoose multi-functional furniture pieces that accommodate your family’s lifestyle and the variety of activities that occur within your living space.

Urban Barn #liveinBuy what you love: When deciding what to purchase for your Living space start first with what appeals to you the most and use that piece as the catalyst to define your personal style. This item can be as small as a trinket or piece of art, or as large as a sofa or armchair. If you love it, it will inspire you to compose the room of your dreams.

Urban Barn #livein
Urban Barn #liveinChoose furniture that can dress up or dress down: Nine in ten Canadians homeowners (89%) consider the perfect décor for the family’s living space a blend of comfort and style.

Urban Barn #liveinLove what you see? Here’s your chance to #livein your own home, with a little help from the good folks at Urban Barn! Enter to win a $250 Urban Barn Gift Card!

So… if you could steal one piece, which would it be? Simply fill the form below with your qualifying entries. Special thanks to Urban Barn for yet another amazing collaboration! We’ve cleared the dishes, assembled the kiddos on their beloved bench, and are now in the throes of finger painting. Yes, we #livein our home!

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