Let’s Be Friends! Introducing FriendshipDNA

It’s a question married couples are often asked. “How did you two meet?” And the answer invariably goes something like this: We met at a bar, through friends, at school, at work, at the pharmacy, at a funeral, while running a marathon, while purchasing mulch at the Home Depot… {insert your romantic story here}. And, if you’ve dated in the last 10-15 years, chances are you may have even met your partner online.

And why not? Life is busy, time is scarce, and if it can work for me (one-half of a proud Internet couple here) it can work for you. But just as people are curious about how spouses meet, people rarely ask how you met your friends.

Er… how did I meet my friends?

I suppose a few are from school; others I’ve met through work, and of course, I inherited friends when I married my husband. However, if I really stop and think about it, I’d say it’s hard to meet friends, wouldn’t you? It’s difficult to meet NEW like-minded people who are already not part of your social circle.

That’s where FriendshipDNA comes in. With FriendshipDNA, you can find others who share similar interests with you, and match well on 86 personality attributes (yes, they’ve got this down to a science). Imagine the power of realizing that a Facebook acquaintance, or someone you are following on Twitter, is actually very compatible with you friendship-wise! All of a sudden, the vast world of social media can seem a little bit smaller and more meaningful.


And what about those IRL (in real life) situations? FriendshipDNA connects you to people in your community who you are “meant” to meet! Someone with similar values, lifestyle, likes and interests who is in the same boat as you. The possibilities are endless – you just need to get started by filling out a profile to get to know who you are and what you’re looking for in a friend.

In essence, it takes “friending someone online” to a whole new level.

Remember: It is not a dating site – it’s a platonic friendship site, with users connecting in their local communities. Therefore, your default matches will be set to the same gender, unless you state otherwise. So, what do I think about meeting friends online?

Well, it’s nothing I haven’t been doing for years, whether it be via my blog, on Facebook, or through other social media channels like Twitter or Instagram. Online friendships help bridge the distance and connect people socially. But, it’s still not the same as having a friendly coffee, a night dancing at a club or taking in a museum or art gallery. Because online friendships stay online, whereas FriendshipDNA makes the introduction on their website, but then brings the friendship to life. It’s actually quite ingenious. Click here to read about the science behind FriendshipDNA.

The best part? It’s affordable! Users receive a FREE personality report for completing the registration process. So, get to learn a little about yourself before you start adding to your social circle. When you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of FriendshipDNA, a subscription package is only $8.99 a month, charged on a monthly basis. (For a limited time, new users can take advantage of 30 days free.)

Have you moved recently? Lost touch with friends? Find yourself wanting to expand your social circle – or add people with similar interests and values? You may want to check out FriendshipDNA.