Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge. {We Failed}

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There a few things my boys love more in life than die cast cars. (Popsicles and Christmas immediately come to mind; however, both are seasonal occurrences, whereas their love for Disney Cars and Hot Wheels is steadfast and endures throughout the seasons.) Hence, when I was approached by @HotWheelsCanada to join the Hot Wheels Parent Connector Club, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Heck, why wouldn’t I take all the credit for being a hero mom? I sensed exultation and accolades, and I wanted in.

Before long, a veritable cornucopia of Hot Wheels tracks, stunts cars, playsets and more arrived at our front door. The boys were in heaven! They immediately wanted to rip into the toys, but I cautioned that they’d have to wait, as we were tasked with participating in a Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge. This meant that I’d be inviting over some of their friends, having a little party, and challenging them to build the most epic Hot Wheels track ever. Sounds like fun, right? Gentlemen, start your engines!

Hot Wheels Track Builder ChallengeOkay, so there’s only one car at the start line. And that’s because there was only one boy at our “party” – Ryder. Now before you start feeling sorry for him for having no friends, let me explain.

It’s been a hard month. We’ve had an illness in the family, and I’ve been struggling to juggle the demands of momhood, business, family travel… and life’s little curve balls. Although we had originally settled on a date for the track challenge party, our guests had to postpone. Then we had to postpone. And then life got crazy. And every time I thought to myself, “Damn, I really have to host that party with the boys and the cars and the tracks and the noise…” … I shuddered a little.

So yes, it’s pretty much my fault.

But then, in between planning yet another playdate and trying to sync everyone’s schedule, it occurred to me that Hot Wheels are about play. So, I unceremoniously tore apart all the boxes, dumped some tracks on the backyard patio, and I told Ryder to play. And he did. From generation to generation, the trusted Hot Wheels brand has ensured hours of fun for children of all ages. The newest playsets are just as enjoyable, with innovation and ingenuity that is both anticipated and appealing. 

It was quickly apparent that our participation in the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge was an abysmal failure. Instead of having a gaggle of kids putting together a race track worthy of competition, I had Ryder snapping and bending, building and coaxing pieces into place.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge

Hot Wheels Track Builder ChallengeBut you know what? Rock on. The kid was having fun. He was learning new skills, perfecting his architectural talents, and making strange car noises that only boys under 12 years old can perfect. He even paused halfway through to introduce his car to the dirt. “Look Mom! The car falls in the dirt!”

Hot Wheels Track Builder ChallengeUp until that point, I still had delusions of grandeur, thinking that Ryder would create an irrefutably excellent track – one that would crown him the winner of all track challenges past, present and future. Except he launched that damn car into the mud about 37 times. At first, I barked at him to keep going – I had a blog post to write and I needed an acceptable final photo to showcase our accomplishments. Except, he looked at me and with those beautiful mermaid eyes, and declared, “But THIS is fun. This is what I like.”

I gave up and settled into the hammock. Who was I to argue?

And so he dillied and dallied for about an hour, and the sun dipped lower and lower into the horizon. Finally, I began to concede defeat; Ryder was not going to create an award-winning masterpiece any sooner than I was going to win Masterchef Canada. But when I finally let go of the notion that we were miserable losers, I captured some truly heartwarming moments of a child at play.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge

Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge

Hot Wheels Track Builder ChallengeAlas, I don’t have any celebratory photos to share. No grand finale; no story of a Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge success. But I do know that a little boy spent two hours today examining the intricate inner-workings of a Hot Wheels track, and that brought him much, much joy. We are Hot Wheels fans for life.

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