Change. Your Life. With Bacon. This Bacon.

Yes folks, it’s that time again. It’s time to #ChangeYourLifeWithBacon.

Remember the iconic commercials from a year ago? Lucky mom! With the help of Ready Crisp Bacon from Maple Leaf Foods, she had her family at her beck and call. Light bulbs were changed, dishes were washed, tables were set. In short, Bacon = Power.

Well, the family is back! This year, the power of bacon is taken to a whole new level with a science fair project:

Now if you’ve watched the video and are looking for a little “Baconspiration” (I am trademarking that word, BTW) be sure to visit Appehtite, where you’ll find a wealth of recipes where bacon is the star attraction. Roasted Potato Leek Soup With Bacon, Bacon Mac and Cheese or Bacon Quiche anyone? You can find all these recipes – and more – at Canada’s Kitchen.

Still wanting more? We aim to please! Join us for a YUM-MAZING #ChangeYourLifeWithBacon Twitter Party with @MapleLeafFoods on Wednesday, June 11th at 8:00pm ET!

TwitterParty-1Now, you want to talk about prizes? Okay, let’s talk about prizes. How about FIVE winners of Bacon for a YEAR (52 coupons)! And if that wasn’t enough to make you drop everything, we’ll also be giving away #BonusBacon to any partiers who catch our eye with tweets, whether they be funny, creative or show ultimate Bacon Love. And, we *may* have yet another special surprise up our sleeves, but you’ll just have to join us to find out!

RSVP now for a chance to win, and we’ll see you on Wednesday night!

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