30 Minutes with Daniel Goddard & Aquaswiss #Giveaway

It’s a hard life when you have to spend 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon with a Hollywood heartthrob.

Still, when The Shopping Channel asked me to swing by to check out Aquaswiss watches – and interview spokesperson Daniel Goddard (whom Y&R fans will recognize as Cane Ashby) – I reluctantly agreed.

(Who am I kidding? I did a happy dance around my living room. But that’s purely because I have a love for dramatically bold jewelry with breathtaking brilliance.)

Now to address the burning question on all your minds, YES – Daniel is incredibly gorgeous and his Australian accent is enough to drive one to spontaneous self combustion. However, he is also intelligent, engaging and has a definitive eye for design and creativity.

And since Daniel is the new spokesperson for Aquaswiss watches, we had a chance to chat about the timepieces – and time spent with loved ones.

It seems that smartphones have replaced so many “must have” accessories – yet sales from yesterday’s AquaSwiss segment prove there’s still much interest in a traditional watch. What’s the appeal?

Watches are still jewelry – and women and men will always wear jewelry. We’ll wear rings, necklaces and earrings – and people like to adorn themselves with things that add to their look, their style – but also to make a statement. And, a watch is perfect for that – when you add a watch to your overall outfit, you’ll end up with a package that will define you.

According to soap central Cane Ashby has held 15 jobs – everything from bartender to CEO. Thinking of a few of your roles, can you match up which AquaSwiss he’d be wearing?



I think that he would stay with the Rugged Series which is what I have on now. Cane would change it up between the wide face, wide bezel and maybe alternate the colours – blue, red, yellow, orange and green. The style of the watch says that he is masculine; yet, the colour can change the mood. So if he’s doing something more diplomatic or conservative, he could go with the rose gold or silver. For something more sporty or fun, he could change the colour. Really like the Rugged G series.

From Ashby’s Angels: Why AquaSwiss? How is the brand a fit with your life and lifestyle?

I’m a watch guy, and I’ve always liked the G-Shock watches that I bought when I was younger. And the Aquaswiss watches are very G-Shock in their strength, size and composition. However, I’m not a fan of digital watches – I prefer the chronograph. I love that they’re Swiss made and come with a 2-year warranty. I know it’s a quality product.

Since we’re speaking of watches, and time – if you could add one more hour to each day, what would you do – for yourself? (BUT, you can’t say that you’d spend it with your children.)

How did you know I was going to say that?

Because every working parent wants to spend more time with their kids. No, you have to choose something else.

(Pause.) You know there’s never enough time in the day. I would say that if I had an extra hour, I would do something for myself. I would read; I would sit for about 5 minutes and just watch the second hand of a clock ticking away. And it would seem like an hour – but it’s a very solid method of meditation. I believe that being the best you can be for yourself allows you to be the best you can be for others.

I’ve got two little boys – ages 2 & 4. Since you’re a couple of years ahead of me, tell me, how has the dynamic between your boys (Ford, age 6 and Sebastian, age 3) evolved?

What are their names?

Ryder and Reid.

I love it. R-Y-D-E-R? And R-E-E-D?


Beautiful. Well, it’s your job as a parent to make sure that they’re best friends. Because it’s human nature to compete; and when you have two boys that close in age, it can get very competitive. For example, if Sebastian does something that hurts Ford, and Ford provoked it, they’ll both have a time out. Thus, Ford will learn that as the older brother, he can’t instigate anything that will cause his younger brother to get in trouble. Of course, the rules are different with the younger one because he’s not as developed emotionally or intellectually – but they’re both still so young. And, I just love them to death. I really love my boys.

Finally, I want to ask a question that was posed by numerous fans (and a LOT of women want to know):

My sincere thanks to Daniel Goddard who took time out of his whirlwind schedule to chat with me. Be sure to check out Aquaswiss at The Shopping Channel.


One lucky Canadian reader will win an Aquaswiss Silicone Strap Watch, valued at $299.99!

“It’s always the right time to don this striking silicone strap watch from Aquaswiss. This wonderful stainless steel watch features silver tone roman numerals, luminous hands, a seconds subdial at the 6 position and comes on a white silicone strap with silver tone stainless steel accents. The Aquaswiss name and logo appear below the 12 position.”

• Colour of face: White face
• Watch features a rotating bezel
• Strap measurements: 8.5″ length; 22mm wide
• Watch has a buckle clasp
• Movement: Swiss
• Crystal: Mineral
• The watch is 10ATM water resistant (100 meters – 330 feet)
• Aquaswiss is etched into the left side of the case

To enter, simply fill the form with your qualifying entries below. Good luck everyone!

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