Today’s Feature: 8 Funky Gardening Ideas

Anna is back! I’ve got another article to share from Anna, owner of Bargainmoose is a Canadian site about money-saving tips, deals, discounts and promo codes, which aims to help you save money on your everyday purchases. Today, Anna will be sharing some funky gardening ideas, trying to give you some creative inspiration for interesting focal points in your garden.

Take it away Anna!

8 Funky Gardening Ideas

On my last post for Lena (7 money-saving craft ideas), I mentioned that I’ve been looking at some excellent ideas over on Pinterest. I’ve seen on many occasions funky gardening ideas, DIY projects and crafts that you can undertake in the comfort of your own home. Here’s a roundup of 7 interesting ideas that I’ve spotted:

1. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Over on, they’ve created an interesting idea, using some mason jars as planters for growing herbs. The DIY project uses pipe clamps and some household items to display the herbs in a really pretty way, that can even be displayed indoors in your kitchen.

2. Dresser drawer container garden

If you have an old dresser kicking around, there are quite a few interesting ways to re-purpose it for another use. One such way shown on, is to re-design it as a container garden, for a really interesting and novel way to grow and display plants in your garden (idea first spotted here on pinterest).

3. Bicycle gate

This one looks a bit more difficult, but Moominpappa06 on Flickr has snapped a pic of a garden gate, which was made from an upcycled old bicycle! And it looks fab!

4. Welly boot garden display

On, there are even more planter ideas, including this one made from kids wellies. I think this is a super idea, because kids grow out of their footwear at a very fast rate. Just save up some of the old wellies, and make a colourful and funky garden display.

5. Spoon hangars

I love this idea. Over on Hutchstudio,  they show us how to make hooks from old spoons, which are screwed into the wall of their front porch. I’d imagine it would be pretty difficult to bend the spoons to the desired shape, but the finished product looks cool.

6. Outdoor candle lanterns

You can see this idea in action on They use an old tuna can, some little vases from the thrift store, some paint and other bits and bobs, to create fun tiki torches for the garden. Inexpensive, fun, and they look great.

7. Light bulb terrarium

This one is probably pretty difficult to pull off, but I wanted to show it as it is a really amazing idea and I am sure it would be a real talking point as a garden ornament. It’s a mini-garden in an old light bulb! shows us a tutorial here, which you can follow if you want to give it a try.

8. Recycled fence

Similar to the recycled gate mentioned above, this post on goes one step further and shows a whole fence made from recycled bits and pieces. It doesn’t state what the fence is made from, but it looks to be tiles, aluminium, wood. The finished article is pretty stunning and something I’ve be happy to show off in my garden!


I’ve recently bought my first home, and I can’t wait to move into it! I hope to be taking inspiration from these gardening ideas to put my own stamp on my new garden.

Have you seen any more funky gardening ideas? What do you like to do in the garden yourself?