Make Your Home and Garden Even Better Sweepstakes!

A few months ago, a friend on Facebook – who also happens to be a Mortgage Specialist and a well-respected Financial Expert – posted the following status update:

Well, being from Mississauga, and always having a keen interest in what’s going on in the Canadian Real Estate Market, I checked out her recommendation and landed on Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Canada’s page. I was quite tickled pink to see that in addition to providing a plethora of real estate services (buying and selling, moving, closing, etc) they also offer design and decor advice, remodeling and landscaping tips, and examples of how to live green. In essence, they embody the brand whose namesake has personified a passion for the home since 1924. (Who hasn’t reached for a Better Homes and Gardens magazine while looking for decor or DIY inspiration?)

Anyhoo, I’ve been cruising their Facebook page for a few days now and I’ve found a nice mix of style tips, recipes, deck and patio inspiration… and more. Another reason to “Like” their page? Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Canada is launching the Make Your Home and Garden Even Better Sweepstakes! BHGREC is giving away a new iPhone 4S and 10 individual Home Depot Gift Cards worth $50 each!

In order to participate in the sweepstakes, you’ll need to sign up through the Facebook App. The Contest is available to Canadians only on Facebook from May 8th to May 30th (ends at 11:59pm).

Good luck everybody! After you’ve entered, check out this article from BHG Real Estate Canada’s website for Green Space: Great Tips For A Perfect Lawn. I’ve already sent it to my husband, who is always on the quest for the perfect golf green!

This post was sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Canada. The opinions on this blog are my own.