Are You Mowing Responsibly?

You’ve heard of driving responsibly – but do you MOW responsibly?

I’m sure there are many people who have not given a second thought to the type of lawnmower they use. New or old, as long as it gets the job done, right? In fact, over the years, I can remember hearing neighbours and friends alike declare with pride that their old dinosaur mower/trimmer/chainsaw is still working like a dream.

So why trade it in? Am I trying to make you spend money?

Not exactly. But consider this: just as cars release toxic pollution into the air, so does your lawn equipment, more so over time and with age. And since I’m fairly certain there will never be government-organized emissions testing for your lawn mowers, the responsibility really lies with YOU.

Here’s how you can help keep our air clean –

From Thursday, April 19th to Wednesday, May 2nd, visit your nearest Home Depot for the Mow Down Pollution event. Trade in your old gas-powered lawn and garden equipment for a cleaner alternative. You’ll receive up to a $100 instant rebate on the purchase of a more efficient mower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer or chainsaw and be assured that your old equipment is responsibly recycled.

Think no one cares about silly lawnmower emissions? You’re wrong. Since 2001, more than 54,000 lawnmowers, trimmers and chainsaws have been permanently retired and responsibly recycled across Canada, preventing the release of more than 2,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions. And since an inefficient two-stroke gas-powered lawnmower can emit as much pollution in one hour as driving a car more than 320 kilometers – almost the distance from Ottawa to Toronto – this initiative effects everybody.

(Did you know: Asthma, lung disease, cardiovascular disease, allergies, and many other health problems have been linked to smog and poor air quality. Click here to read more about the program, brought to you by Summerhill Impact.)

I admit ignorance on the make and model of our lawnmower, but since it was purchased less than four years ago, I’d like to think we made an eco-friendly choice. (Note to self: ask husband if we made an eco-friendly choice.) There are just a few days left to participate in the Mow Down Pollution event – tell me, will you be checking to see if your lawn equipment deserves a failing grade?

Click here to read FAQs for the Mow Down Pollution event.