Today’s Feature: 7 Money-Saving Crafty Ideas!

It’s a pleasure for me to introduce Anna, owner of Bargainmoose is a very popular website for Canadian deals and discounts, where you can find the latest shopping bargains and coupon codes, helping Canadians save money every day. Today I welcome Anna as a guest blogger on Listen to Lena – she’ll be sharing seven crafty ideas that are easy to create and easy on the wallet!

7 Money-Saving Crafty Ideas

Hi! I’m Anna. I’ve been enjoying seeing all the amazing pictures and ideas over on Pinterest, and that led to an idea for this very post. There are quite a few ideas on there for various art and craft projects, and quite a lot of them could be considered frugal or potentially money saving. Here are some ideas that I spotted on there, which look cool and could save you money.

1. Make a Jewellery Rack from an old rake

Over on Little Lucy Lu, they show us how to make a cool jewellery rack from an old rake! Looks great, and a brilliant way to store your necklaces. It’s definitely something people would admire if they saw it on your bathroom wall.

2. Plant a compact Vegetable Garden

The folks over at Boys’ Life show us how to make a compact vegetable garden, which could be ideal for those short on space, but who still want to get a little green-fingered. While you could be talking about a slightly higher initial outlay for this type of project, it would save you money in the long run, not to mention the benefits of the delicious home grown veggies.

3. Make Jello Playdough

On, I found a jello playdough recipe – sounds interesting! The recipe uses some simple ingredients and shows you how to “cook” some playdough from scratch.

4. Make a plastic spoon Lampshade

Using plastic spoons, a plastic bottle, a sharp knife and a light fitting, you can make an amazing retro lampshade!

5. Make a Swaddle Blanket

Over on A Load Of Craft, they tell us how to make a cheap and easy swaddle blanket from jersey knit material. It’s like a baby burrito!

6. Make DIY Cork Hanging Decor

This is a creative use for some old corks – you can make a hanging decoration that looks pretty funky, as illustrated on It only needs a Styrofoam ball and some wire.

7. Make a Lego Travel Box

This idea for a Lego travel box from is really cute. You can make it from a wooden box with a sliding top, and some lego bits and pieces. It’s great for storing a few chunks of Lego, and you can take it out and about with you.

P.S. Quick shoutout to Amanda on Pinterest – excellent board about “good ideas.”

Thanks a bunch Anna! These are great frugal – and fabulous – ideas!