#GoldfishMoments Twitter Chat & Giveaway!

We’ve all had those moments.

After school, when the kids are raiding the cupboards with their shoes still on.

At the grocery store, when they’re throwing the salad dressing out of the cart and hollering for candy.

In the car, when they demand that you to pull over/change the radio station/”are we there yet?”/I’m hungry.

At the playground, when they just don’t want to stop – even though you know they need to re-fuel.

Those, my friends, are Goldfish Moments.

Goldfish Crackers have been an absolute hero in my household; when patience is at an all-time low and a wholesome snack is the priority, I’ve always felt good about doling out the little fishies to my boys. In fact, Goldfish Crackers are my go-to snack during those crazy supermarket runs – as soon as both boys are strapped into the cart, I make a mad dash for Aisle 8 where I know the beloved crackers are waiting for us. I normally rip open a bag and watch as it’s slowly passed back and forth between the two – usually I can get the grocery cart at least half full before I need to once again resort to my bag of tricks. But just seeing them happily munch away on their favourite, cheesy crackers is a moment in itself – a moment of sanity for mom, that is!

So you can bet we were all incredibly excited to see Goldfish Grahams – two exciting new flavours with a sweet twist – available in Chocolate and Honey! Much like the savoury varieties, Goldfish Grahams are baked, contain no artificial colours or flavours and are low in saturated fat with zero trans fat. Translation: more Goldfish Moments.

My little guys didn’t take to the sweeter fish right away – I think they were both looking for a cheesy hit and were surprised to be greeted by a more cookie-like flavour. But after the initial confusion, they adjusted their taste buds and now love the delicious grahams. And I love that I have a brand new arsenal of treats – both sweet and savoury! In fact, I caught Ryder sneaking off to the kitchen after his bath last night – yup, he was raiding the pantry! That little guy sure does take after his mama!


Do you have Goldfish Moments to share? Join parenting expert Kathy Buckworth on Tuesday, February 21st from 7:00 – 9:00pm EST for a Twitter Chat with other moms about the moments you love, the moments you cherish, and the moments when you need a helping hand – and find yourself reaching for Goldfish! #GoldfishMoments


One lucky Canadian Listen to Lena reader will win a Goldfish Moments prize pack, including Goldfish Grahams and a Kodak Easy Share digital camera – perfect for capturing your own special moments! (Value $180)

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