Canadian Blog Awards: I’ll Sit This One Out… Or Not?

***EDIT*** So it seems that a few of y’all would “like, totally” vote for me in the blog awards, and have already done so because gosh darn it, you just like me. So what the hey: VOTE for Listen to Lena for Best Family Blog.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

This year, I’m happy to be a wallflower.

If you’re a blogger, or a reader who cares about such matters, you may have noticed that the 2011 Canadian Blog Awards are well into the voting phase. In fact, you can cast your vote for over 20 blog categories until December 24th 2011.

You may have also noticed that I’m the reigning Best Blog and Best Family Blog, as witnessed by the two little buttons on my right sidebar. And while I’m ridiculously proud of the accomplishment – and incredibly thankful to all of my readers who support me – I’ll be retiring the belt (or badge, as it were) and handing over the glory to someone more deserving popular.

Because in actual fact, your blog doesn’t have to be the “best”, per se – since the awards are distributed based solely on number of votes tallied, you just have to have the most readers who are willing to click your name.

Of course, some may argue that I should go for the awards again – I have an enviable readership, a pretty kick a** blog, and I’m sure I can convince quite a few peeps to cast a vote my way. And I did accomplish just that last year; running away with the Family category and narrowly edging out others for Best Overall.

But then I read some of the blogs that were up for contention.

The truth is, if I had to do it all over again, another blog would have had my vote. 

So I’ve decided to bow out of all votes-driven awards, relishing instead in the accolades that are meaningful to me (Toronto’s Most Trafficked Blog: Swingcat Productions, June 2011) and my readership (Top 35 Mom Blogs We Love:, October 2011).

Now please don’t interpret this as a slight to the Canadian Blog Awards or any of it’s nominees –  to be recognized and supported by your readers is a major accomplishment (and one that should be revered). Still, I’ll sit this one out… and send my very best wishes to 2011’s nominated blogs and bloggers. Good luck all!