Tweet This: Motorola XT860 4G

This post requires a full, passionate disclaimer: I am NOT a techie. I don’t speak the lingo, salivate over dual-core processors (or even know what it refers to), and I certainly can’t keep up with ever-changing technology. So if you’re a mobile phone enthusiast who has Googled the Motorola XT860 4G and landed on this review, I apologize – it may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

However, if you’re a gal like me – a mama who needs a phone that makes social media (and life) easy – then read on, friend, read on.

Now I’ve always been an iPhone kind of gal, mainly because a) it’s what my husband promotes, b) he told me it’s pretty great, and c) is for clueless and that’s good enough for me.

So when sent the brand-spankin’ new Motorola XT860 4G (exclusive to Bell Mobility), I must admit I was more than a little curious. Not only would I be one of the first to tap, touch and tweet on this much hyped-about superphone, but I was also incredibly excited to enter the world of techie reviews.


After exclusively using this phone for just over a month, I’ve come to realize that there is simply no way I’ll ever be able to cover everything I want to. So I’ll just give you the highlights:

“The Motorola XT860 4G comes equipped with a slide-out, five-row keyboard in an ultra thin design. It also includes a dedicated number row for faster messaging and document editing.”

Alternatively, you can use the full touch screen if you’re so inclined. I originally thought that I’d be all over the slide-out keyboard, especially for composing long e-mails, but I guess I’ve become accustomed to the touch screen and have rarely found myself opting for the keyboard. (On that subject, the phone has one of the most idealistic touch screens I’ve encountered. LOVE.) However, I can’t deny that using the slide-out maximizes screen real estate and the phone feels quite secure even while retracted. A definite bonus for Blackberry enthusiasts; however, those who have no use for the added keys will begrudge the phone it’s extra weight – even though it’s the thinnest QWERTY smartphone… ever.

“Designed to deliver incredible maximum speeds of 14.4 Mbps, the XT860 4G lets you stream Mobile TV in great clarity. Plus, with a powerful dual-core 1 GHz processor, you can play high-quality videos and share photos on your HDTV via HDMI cable.”

While I understand that this is pretty impressive, it’s my husband who is ridiculously excited about this feature – witnessed by me as he played countless videos and slide shows on our bedroom TV, effortlessly with no swirly You Wait! icon. And since I’m all about finding proof in the proverbial pudding – we both streamed YouTube videos – queued at the same time, on the same network… and the XT860 4G streamed four (4) seconds faster than the iPhone 4. That’s a lot of Lady Gaga he missed :)

“The XT860 4G records videos in stunning clarity, so you can capture and play back HD content in full 1080p. Plus, with an 8 megapixel camera and built-in LED flash, you can take high quality photos. The front-facing camera also allows you to talk face-to-face through third party video calling apps.”

No argument here. Check out this pic (FYI: file size is 1.56 MB) which clearly shows the clarity and quality of the camera.


“The Motorola XT860 4G runs on the Android platform, providing seamless connection with preloaded Google applications like Google Maps and YouTube. Choose from over 200,000 engaging apps on Android Market. It’s also preloaded with handy features like a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and Exchange ActiveSync.”

Over 200,000 engaging apps? I just need one, please – Twitter. And that brings me to my very favourite feature about the superphone – it’s smart. Very smart. 

Upon adding my Facebook and Twitter accounts to the phone, it automatically populated e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other information directly into my contact list. So for example, if you’re my friend on Facebook and have listed your e-mail address on the site, I now have access to that address at my fingertips – as if I had taken the time to add you to my contacts myself. Which essentially means no more rooting around trying to find the right info – if you’ve published it, I’ve got it.

Toggling between social media accounts is smooth and effortless, and sharing pictures, tagging friends and/or commenting on posts/replying to tweets is foolproof. In short, this phone was made for social enthusiasts – everyone say it with me: tap, touch and tweet.

I was also duly impressed with the bright, dynamic home screen; the haptic (vibration) tactile feedback when using the touch screen; and extra-long battery life (a full day of use between charges). But perhaps most impressive is the simple fact that I can simultaneously run applications, stream multimedia and surf the internet – without any noticeable delay at all.

The final verdict? Had I never started off with an iPhone, and simply made the jump from simple phone to Android, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the Motorola XT860 4G has knocked my socks off – and enthusiastically do recommend it. However, Apple is a hard fruit to resist… and I’m unlikely to bid it adieu just yet.

The Motorola XT860 4G starts at $99.95 on a three-year term with Bell Mobility, or $549.95 with no term. Click here for more details.

I received a Motorola XT860 4G in exchange for my personal review of the superphone. As always, the opinions on this blog are my own.