I Want It: Dyson DC35 Digital Slim

Now I know I’m in trouble – I’m obsessing over a vacuum cleaner instead of shoes.

But surely you’ll see my point if you catch a glimpse of the NEW Dyson DC35

Dyson DC35 Multi floor is a Dyson Digital Slim cordless vacuum cleaner for multiple floor types- carpet, ceramic, vinyl and wood. It features a detachable long-reach wand and a motorized cleaner head. Powered by the Dyson digital motor, it’s the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner.”

I sweep Cheerios off the floor approximately 3 times per day. Imagine how much easier life would be with this awesome cordless vacuum?

The vacuum features Dyson’s famous power-efficient, high performance digital motor (which runs 3 times faster than conventional motors!) and even has a “Dual Power” mode that allows you to adjust suction power. And my husband will just do cartwheels when he learns that the DC35 has rotating nylon brushes it its detachable motorhead to annihilate ground in dirt.

You’ll also notice that its incredibly sleek and stylish – the kind of vacuum you just have to whip out to show off to guests!

(Okay, perhaps that’s only something I would do. But you can’t fault my enthusiasm.)

So… Dyson over Dior? Yes please!

The countdown is on – just in time for spring cleaning, the DC35 is available on March 1st online at Dyson.com, and at The Bay, Home Outfitters, BB&B, Future Shop, BestBuy.ca and independent retailers for $349.99.