Join us for an #AvoSocial!

October 2, 2015

Love an avocado today.

Tomorrow, 18 awesome influencers from Toronto will enjoy an ‪#‎AvoSocial‬ brunch at my home! (And I don’t even have to cook! Thanks Avocados from Mexico!)

Fresh, delicious, authentic, and available year-round, avocados contain nearly essential 20 vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds like 81 micrograms lutein and zeaxanthin, which research suggests may help maintain eye health as we age. And, more than 75 percent of the fat in avocados is considered “good” fat, with 3g coming from monounsaturated fat and 0.5g from polyunsaturated fat (per 1-ounce serving). Not only that, but avocados are also free of cholesterol and sodium.

Want to learn more? You’re invited to follow along! Join us as we share delicious Avocado-inspired recipes, and one lucky tweeter will have a chance to win an Avocado Green KitchenAid blender!
AvoSocialBe sure to tweet us with any questions you may have. See you on Saturday!

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Face of the Day, Galactic-Style

October 2, 2015

A short time ago in a theme park far, far away…

Okay, so it’s not *that* far away. (Only a 5-hour direct flight!) I had looked forward to this event for months, and when the time finally came, I was ready to morph into one of the greatest, most sassy droids known to mankind. This past Monday, at Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland, I dressed up as the iconic R2-D2. (Click here for more details on my costume.)

My husband went as himself.
IMG_0739Okay, okay, he didn’t actually go as himself. He dressed up as the ultimate nerd! High-waisted pants and a matching bow tie to boot. (He even has that mouth/ jaw thing going on… it’s quite precious.)

To offset the whole Star Wars-geek thing, I opted for sultry, come-hither makeup using ARTDECO Cosmetics. Identified by its on-trend and fashion-forward designs, ARTDECO has been a cult favourite in Europe for years, and is now available in Canada at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores! Here’s how you can emulate the look, whether you’re trick-or-treating or enjoying date night.  (more…)

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Fall into Better Digestive Health: Take Control and #OwnTheThrone

October 2, 2015

It’s the season for tall riding boots and warm, cozy sweaters. The crisp, clean air is accented with the tempting aroma of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Leaves are changing, days are shortening, and the holiday rush is just around the corner.

Welcome to Fall.
seasonNow, besides your wardrobe and your choice of coffee house beverage, can you think of any other changes you’ll make this season? Chances are, some of your adjustments will be so subtle, you may not even notice. Like, you’ll probably sleep earlier as the days get shorter. You may even spend a little more time selecting clothes as you layer and accessorize for the cooler temps. And you’ll likely alter your diet and lifestyle, eating heavier meals while exercising less, which can lead to digestive troubles.  (more…)

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Honey, You’ll Love this Natural Sweetener.

October 1, 2015

It’s been called “liquid gold”, and I concur – I love honey for its complex taste and amazing versatility. No matter how you enjoy it, honey is nature’s perfect sweetener!

(Psst! Recipe for Strawberry, Honey and Mascarpone Tartlets coming up – featuring my favourite, Billy Bee honey!)
DSC_1364Did you know: Honey is an organic, natural sugar alternative with no additives. It’s easy on the stomach, adapts to virtually all cooking processes, and has an indefinite shelf-life when stored in optimal conditions. What more could you ask for?  (more…)

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On Being a Spectator and Rediscovering Nature

September 28, 2015

It’s occurred to me that the older I get, the more content I am to simply be a spectator.

Don’t get me wrong: I never pictured myself as the soccer mom or camping enthusiast. Truth is, I’m kind of allergic to anything that isn’t labelled 4-star (it’s a real illness, I checked – it’s call “snobism”). However, I’ve noticed more and more, on the rare times we are outdoors as a family, I tend to hold back. I’d rather watch the action unfold than be part of it myself. And, having two energetic, boisterous boys… that means I’m often on the outside looking in.

This is not a post declaring that I’ve changed my ways.

Because I haven’t. Although we’ve had so much fun crossing items off our Rediscover Nature Summer Bucket List, I can’t say that I immersed myself in the activities much beyond being present for them. However, something did occur to me on #RediscoverNature Day; the realization that my boys HATE being a spectator. Being on the sidelines is a punishment; they always want to be part of the game, in the middle of the action. Whatever the activity, they need to be involved. And when it’s time for a time out, it’s not always pretty.

I captioned this photo, “He hates being a spectator.” It was taken during a hike in our local park on September 20th – #RediscoverNature Day.
DSC_1161When will it happen? When will they decide that they’d rather be tethered to their electronic devices than playing a game of freeze tag in the park? I’m not naive; I know the day will soon come. But it’s my duty to cultivate my boys’ love for the outdoors, and ensure they remain part of the action for as long as possible. Because statistically speaking, less than 10% of kids today are spending time in nature.  (more…)

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It’s Halloween Time at Disneyland!

September 27, 2015

Can you guess the single most important event in my children’s lives right now? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not the birth of Jesus. Or the first day of school. It isn’t even their birthday.

It’s Halloween, of course.

Think about it. The chance to dress up as their favourite superheroes or idols. Free candy. Tons of spooky and ghoulish decor. Free candy. Songs and stories dedicated to witches, goblins and ghosts.


Keeping their obsession in mind, when planning my family vacation to California (psst – hello! I’m currently blogging from the beach!), I was thrilled to see that our dates coincided with Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Resort. I’ll be back to tell you all about it after we join the party tomorrow night!

In the meantime…. drum roll please… may I present to you, my costume!
r2d2aOkay, so the dress – which I picked up from Hot Topic – definitely isn’t as short or low cut as pictured. Or maybe I just don’t have the same height and boobage as the model. What I’m trying to say is, it’s very PG! And, I posted both the blue and red lipsticks as it will be a last-minute decision – not sure I can rock blue lipstick, know what I mean? Finally, thank goodness Reid offered to lend me his R2D2 Mickey Ears… it really completes the costume! Though he *did* wear it better, I’m sure.

I’ll be sure to post photos during and after the event – follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all the fun! And, if you’re wondering what my two little Halloween lovers are going as… we’ll have a little Captain America and Spider-Man trick-or-treating tomorrow night!

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Get Back to Natural Sleep.

September 24, 2015

“With PASCOFLAIR you can fall asleep quickly and stay sound asleep.”

That was the plan. Over a month ago, I had turned to PASCOFLAIR with the hope that I could achieve a restful sleep with the help of this safe, herbal alternative to traditional sleep aids.

Truth be told, I was mildly skeptical.

As an A-type, overstimulated, multitasking mom and mompreneur, it’s hard to simply turn off and fall into a peaceful slumber. In fact, after banning my nemesis – the cell phone – from my bedside table, I still found myself waking up 2-3 times per night, simply to go through everything I had to do the next day. (And maybe to reach for the cell phone that was no longer there.)

I know many of my readers were interested in hearing my experience with PASCOFLAIR after I wrote about it in a previous post. However, for those that are just joining us, here’s what turned me on to the product:

Passionflower is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a sleep aid, in cases of restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress. PASCOFLAIR is a high dose of Passionflower which helps promote relaxation and calmness resulting in a better night’s sleep.
passionflowerNow here’s the important part: Passionflower does not act as a sedative: in the brain, it regulates neurotransmitters associated with calming rather than sleep. Therefore, you’re less likely to feel drowsy or “foggy” when you use PASCOFLAIR. It is fully registered with Health Canada and has been found to have no known drug interactions, no toxic effects for overdosing and have no known dependency potential.  (more…)

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… Also Known as Pumpkin Spice Latte Season

September 23, 2015

It’s the first day of Fall!

Also known as the BEST season of the year: crisp, cool air… breathtaking foliage… cozy sweaters and riding boots. Between the hot, humid summers and bitterly cold winters, Fall is the perfect transition season, especially when you’re looking to experience the beauty of the Canadian landscape.

Check out my Top 5 Fall weekend destinations here.

Of course, Fall is also synonymous with Pumpkin Spice Lattes. If you’re cool and hip, you’ll want to be spotted (preferably on Instagram) with this American staple… but if you’re smart and savvy, you’ll make it at home for a fraction of the coffee shop price!

I first tried this recipe from The Food Network last year, and it has since become my go-to favourite.
coffee1 cup milk
2 tablespoons pure pumpkin puree
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice, plus more for sprinkling
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/4 cup hot espresso or strong brewed coffee
Sweetened whipped cream, for serving

It’s super easy to make this recipe, because all you have to do is combine the first five ingredients (milk, pumpkin puree, sugar, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla) in a medium, microwave safe bowl or extra large mug. The original instructions state to cover the bowl with plastic wrap and vent with a small hole, but I’ve not vented (just used a large mug) and it has turned out fine.  Microwave until the milk is hot, about 1 to 2 minutes. Finally, using that small whisk at the back of your cutlery drawer, whisk vigorously until the milk mixture is foamy.

Pour the espresso or coffee into a separate large mug and add the foamed mixture. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice.  (more…)

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Counting Down to Date Night with COVERGIRL

September 21, 2015

Note: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only. 

Ah, date night. Those elusive few hours, every few months, that I spend the equivalent of a few days scheduling… and after a few cancellations, normally takes place a few days later than originally intended.

But when it happens… magic.

What is it about spending time – alone – with your significant other that is just so good for the soul? Before I had children, I took the little things for granted: eating without interruption, ordering a second glass of wine, sitting at a restaurant table without crayons strewn everywhere. Fact: it takes a little practice and a whole lot of patience to master the art of dining out with kids. Hence, when we do date night, we do it right.

Of course, there’s one pre-children luxury I’ve had to give up: the primping session two hours before our night out. Today, the makeup I apply in the morning has to last all day long, because I know I won’t have another chance to get ready in peace. Translation: if it doesn’t get done before the boys wake up, it doesn’t get done. And since date nights are few are far between, I like to look my best.
DSC_1334aWondering how I keep my glow from dawn ’til dusk? I trust COVERGIRL for my lasting look, so I can focus on tackling my to-do list rather than touch-ups. Straight from their beauty experts, here’s how to ensure your make-up will outlast your day:

Step 1: Use COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Primer to prep your skin. Its formulation not only extends the wear of any foundation it also hides pores and reduces imperfections, providing a smooth canvas.

Step 2: Apply COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation for fresh, glowing skin. Its innovative new formulation with unique light reflecting particles and over 40% skin conditioning agents hydrates the skin to help keep it looking healthy and lit from within. It’s lightweight feel and medium coverage leaves skin with a natural luminosity that lasts all day long.  (more…)

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Love at First Sight: Your Child’s Precious Peepers

September 21, 2015

“Your son will soon need glasses,” our optometrist declared, examining Ryder’s eyes.
“That does not surprise me,” I replied, nodding my head.

You see, I’ve worn glasses for the better part of 25 years. A quarter of a century! And I know that eyesight can be affected by both hereditary and lifestyle components; a parent with poor vision (strike one), extended computer, television and video game use (strike two). Strike three? Often, there’s no underlying reason; it’s often just chalked up to bad luck. Boo.

Can’t you just see this cute little face with Italian designer frames? The fashionista in me has already started planning a statement look for my little guy.
DSC_1313aOf course, other than the superficial (Horn-rimmed Gucci! Vintage Prada!) and obvious reasons (he needs to see!), there’s a truly imperative reason for staying on top of my boys’ eye health: 80% of a child’s learning is vision based.

In fact, vision problems can affect learning and development, preventing children from reaching their full potential. Complicating matters is the fact that most vision problems have no easy-to-detect symptoms; many children accept their vision as normal because they don’t know any different.  (more…)

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Dining Out: Mont Tremblant Edition

September 20, 2015

I’ve been holding out on you guys.

You see, for the past little while, I’ve had these gorgeous food photos on my phone, just waiting to be shared. But life is hectic, and this summer has been one for the books. So, they’ve just been sitting here, buried in a folder, begging to see the light of day.

And no one puts Poutine in a folder.
IMG_3100The sinfully delicious concoction above – a must-do when in Quebec – can be found at La Forge Bistro-Bar Mont Tremblant, THE place to have an après-ski drink or a delicious seasonal meal on the terrace overlooking Place St-Bernard. I opted for the Classique (cheese and gravy) because I’m a traditionalist at heart, but you can just as easily indulge in Saucisse fumée tout bœuf C.A.B. (smoked C.A.B. all-beef sausage), Viande hachée et oignons caramélisés (ground beef and caramelized onions) or Bœuf effiloché (house smoked beef brisket, pepper sauce, onion rings and fried pickles). (more…)

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Snack Pack in his Back Pack!

September 16, 2015

Meet Ryder, the serial snacker.

He’s the type of kid who can eat, and eat, and eat… and he does. Frequently. In fact, years ago, had we been able to project our monthly food expenditures, we probably wouldn’t have had a second kid. Just kidding. But not really.

The good news? Without even trying, he’s developed a discernible palate, and actually prefers fruits, vegetables and dairy-based foods over other snacks and treats. It’s a mother’s dream! A kid who’d rather have broccoli over brownies. However, he’s seven, and he loves a lot of “once-in-a-while” foods as well, such as pop, candy and chocolate. So, my job is to find him a better-for-you snack that he’ll love. And trust me, he loves Snack Pack pudding.

“Just one, Mommy,” he says. Oh, and I’m supposed to resist him?
DSC_1314Whether he reaches for Chocolate, Butterscotch or another tasty flavour (Vanilla is his favourite!), I can feel good knowing his Snack Pack is made with skim milk, contains no preservatives and no trans fat. Plus, with no refrigeration required, it’s the perfect portable snack for his back pack, or as an after-school treat. Swing by my house; you’ll find Ryder on the porch every afternoon enjoying a Snack Pack pudding. It’s his preferred way to unwind after a hectic day of math and spelling!  (more…)

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Baby on Board: #CMRCarSeatSafety

September 15, 2015

They’re a part of your child’s life for a very long time. Sure – they’ll outgrow their cribs, high chairs and strollers – and mercifully, you’ll be able to say goodbye to diapers after a couple of years too. But from infant car seat to combination to booster seat, your child’s road safety for many years is dependent on a quality, correctly installed car seat.

Did you know it’s Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week?

While we are always mindful of our child(ren)’s safety, it’s important to stay abreast of any recent changes or updates to laws (and best practices) surrounding car seat and booster use. That’s why The Canadian Mother Resource is hosting their 2nd annual #CMRCarSeatSafety Twitter Party this Wednesday, September 16th at 9:00pm EDT. Have a child or one on the way? Don’t miss it!
NEW 2015 #CMRCarSeatSafety-horizontal (2)Join @mapsgirl, the CMR’s Car Seat Expert tomorrow night at 9pm EDT. We’ll share car seat safety tips and answer your most frequent questions surrounding purchase and installation. Of course, to thank you for joining, we’ll be giving away over $800 in prizes, including 2 convertible car seats (valued at approx. $300 each) as well as 2 $100 Visa gift cards.

RSVP below for a chance to win, and we’ll see you on Wednesday night!  (more…)

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A Homier Place for Homework with Grand & Toy

September 15, 2015

“I have homework,” Ryder announced, bending to undo the velcro on his running shoe.
“It’s the second day of school!” my husband exclaimed, looking at me in confusion.
“Welcome to grade two,” I countered, already clearing off the dining table.

The dining table. The place where I completed my homework as a child, and the one place I’ve been trying to keep sacred now that the kids have resumed school. But, it’s a losing battle. Because my boys like to be near me; in the kitchen, in the heart of the home. Even though I’ve previously set up a “study area” in our second floor loft, I’m embarrassed to admit that the boys have never completed their homework there, opting instead to crash at the dining table as I fix dinner.

And just when I thought I was doomed to another generation of “dining table” students, I found the *perfect* solution at Grand & Toy!

Get ready to save on school and office must-haves. They’ve got a wide selection from the most popular brands, including everything I needed to create a homework nook in my dining room. I’m fortunate to have an open concept home, which means that I can have a separate table for the boys’ homework and a separate table to eat! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

Grand & Toy offers stress-free and convenient online shopping for school essentials, especially those items that may have missed your back-to-school list. You can save on hundreds of supplies, large and small, with savings of up to 70% off select items. And, ordering is a breeze!

Here’s what I selected for my homework nook:
grandandtoy1. Star Quality Alnair Bench Desk. A durable work surface for the boys with a solid metal base, plus it has a scratch and dent-resistant finish (necessary for school-aged kids). It’s just the right size for two little students, and just the right sale price at $169.99!  (more…)

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Share a Coke… with the Toronto Maple Leafs!

September 14, 2015

NOTE: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only.

As a child, I was an avid collector. Stickers, bracelets, trading cards, you name it! I coveted anything marked “Collector’s Edition” or “Bonus!”, and kept tabs on all the items I had yet to possess. Because the thrill for any collector lies in the hunt; the search for that elusive missing piece of the collection.

Lately, my I’ve been coveting a Coke with my name on. And I’m closer than ever to making it a reality.

usqxcbtzss7By popular demand, Coca-Cola has brought back one of its most successful Canadian programs of all time, Share a Coke, with more names, and more reasons to share!

Once again, Coca-Cola has swapped its iconic logo on 500 mL bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero for more than 1,000 of the most popular names in the country. Wondering if your name made the cut? Visit for a list of individual names that are on 500mL bottles, and a list of titles that are on 355mL cans in 12, 15 or 24 packs. If you don’t see the name you’re looking for, you can always personalize and share a can at a Share Kiosk event this fall. (Toronto: Visit Riot Fest on September 19th and 20th from 11 AM to 8 PM.)

Drum roll… there IS a “Lena” Coke! You can bet I’ll be on the hunt this season, and to my friends and family, I expect you all to be looking for it as well!

Of course, when you do come across your name or the name of a friend,  share your special moments of happiness with Coca-Cola through social media at @cocacola_ca on Twitter and by using #shareacokecanada. (more…)

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Charting a New Path, Powered by Accuracy

September 14, 2015

NOTE: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only. 

In Canada, there were 3.3 million people living with diabetes in 2014. Chances are, you know someone living with the disease. I do.

Following my previous post, Making the Right Decisions when they Matter Most, I’m happy to continue the conversation about diabetes, and share the stories of those who are living with the disease – and thriving. Because even though there is no cure – only ways to manage symptoms and prevent complications – more and more Canadians diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes have achieved extraordinary professional milestones.

Did You Know:

– An estimated one in three people will be affected by diabetes by 2020.
– A recent survey found that despite the high prevalence of diabetes in Canada, there are many misconceptions around the disease and how to properly manage it.
– 82% of Canadians agree that having diabetes has some limit on what you can do with your life.
– Almost half of Canadians (47%) don’t think that diabetes is a difficult disease to manage.  (more…)

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It’s That Time of Year Again: #PurifyYourAir

September 12, 2015

It’s September, which means that the dreaded allergy and flu season is here.

Here’s the thing: Annually, Canadians invest $9.1 billion in janitorial and sanitation supplies to clean surfaces, remove odours and kill germs with touch-free hand sanitizers – none of which address the issue of illness from air transmission. Because even with all these products, if your child has asthma, there’s a 1 in 4 chance he or she will be heading to hospital this month.


Every year, up to 25% of the annual hospital admissions for asthma flare-ups among Canadian children occur in September. With the new school year in session, so comes some of most frequent asthma triggers: germs, low use of appropriate asthma medications over the summer months, and unventilated classrooms that may contain dust and mold spores.

Most asthma exacerbations are caused from the air we breathe. And, the dirty truth is that inside air is five times more polluted than outdoor air and we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors. With preventative care, we can decrease asthma sufferers’ reliance on steroid-containing inhalers as a first line of defense, an issue which has been receiving much dialogue among parents.

This is a subject I’m passionate about, as we have both allergy and asthma sufferers in our family. And that’s why I am proud to partner once again with Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifiers. The ONLY Air Purifier to be certified by the Asthma Society of Canada, AeraMax units safely remove 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. That means cleaner, safer air for you and your loved ones.

Learn more at the @FellowesCanada #PurifyYourAir Twitter Party on Thursday, September 17th at 8:00pm ET. In addition to sharing important information on how to make your air cleaner and safer, we’ll also have some incredible prizes up for grabs – join us for a chance to WIN!
PurifyYourAir Graphic v2RSVP below to be eligible for prizes (Canadians only) and we’ll see you on Thursday night. (more…)

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Explore the Beauty of the Outdoors: Rediscover Nature Day

September 11, 2015

Note: The following giveaway is open to Canadians only.

This morning, I did something I swore I would never do: I checked the long-term forecast.

I know, I know – it’s not exactly a high crime to peek at the anticipated probability of precipitation. However, I’ve learned that I often schedule my life around the weather (“We can’t go to the park, it might rain!” or “I wish I could make it, but the humidity is too high next Tuesday”), so I’ve cautioned myself to ignore what the meteorologist is forecasting and simply GET OUTSIDE.

It’s been working for me. Earlier this summer, you’ll remember that I published a bucket list of family-oriented outdoor activities. Near the top of the list: a visit to Niagara Falls, as the boys are at an age where they can appreciate this wonder of the world, and I couldn’t think of a better connection to nature than feeling the cool mist of the falls on a hot summer day. We had so much fun, and can’t wait to return next year!
DSC_1171In fact, we crossed four other items off our Rediscover Nature Summer Bucket List, including picnicking by the lake, glamping in our backyard, riding our bikes in my childhood neighbourhood and spending a weekend in cottage country. We just missed fruit picking, but there’s always the opportunity to visit apple orchards in Fall!  (more…)

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Baby 101: Follow Your Instincts

September 10, 2015

The wonderful thing about being a mother – without actually having a newborn – is the ability to reminisce about the baby stages with nostalgia and fondness  … but not having to live through them again.

Oh, baby won’t sleep? What a sweet little angel. 
She’s colicky? Poor little sweetie, she can’t help it. Shhh.
Pooped all over the change table, huh? Too adorable.

Of course, back when I was a parent for the first time, I’m pretty sure my reaction was decidedly different. As in, “get this crazy baby away from me, I’m at my wit’s end.” But that’s the lovely thing about time; it heals wounds and allows parents to forget just how difficult caring for a baby really is.

Now I’m no expert, but I’ve been officially designated the family’s “Parenting Guru” (based solely on the fact that I had babies first and ergo, have the most experience). And often, I find myself recalling the good times – the smiles, the coos, the bright-eyed babies looking around with wonder and innocence. But crying through the night? Don’t remember a thing!

(Ironically: pictured below, Reid crying.)
And if I had to lend just one piece of advice to new parents out there, it would be to follow your instincts. Honestly! There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to care for a baby; mothers have successfully raised children for centuries without the help of Dr. Google or Facebook mommy groups. What’s right for you may not be right for me, and what’s right for one baby may not be right for the next (even in the same family!). (more…)

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We’re Ready for School Nights with Cardinal Ready!

September 7, 2015

Back-to-school. Oh, it’s happening. And while I struggle to make lists, check them twice, and stay on top of the chaos, I’ve realized that I spend a disproportionate amount of time stressing about the kids while they’re in school, and not enough time planning ways to connect and bond with them while they’re at home. And the perfect time to create family moments? At the dinner table, of course.

This year, I’m looking for nutritious and delicious meal ideas that are ready when I am. And that’s why I’m once again stocking my refrigerator with Cardinal Ready products. They allow me to create perfect meals that are ready in 10 minutes or less, which means that great meals can happen any weeknight. Simply start with a Ready selection, add some veggies and a simple side and you’re all set for a complete family meal in a fraction of the time!

I also love that Cardinal Ready, available at select Sobeys locations across Ontario, has something for everybody. Looking for recipe inspiration this fall? Check out Helene’s Sausages with Peppers and Onions, or Sheri’s Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice. And I know you won’t be able to resist my Ready Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Horseradish Coleslaw.
Ever wonder how to make pulled pork? It’s simple. Toss out the recipe card and toss Ready Pulled Pork in Chipotle Sauce into your grocery cart. With Ready, you can heat and serve a classic family meal in minutes. Ready Pulled Pork is fully cooked and full of flavour; the chipotle in the BBQ sauce adds just the right kick to this classic meal.  (more…)

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